ThankVlogItsFriday 5

ThankVlogItsFriday 5

Welcome to #ThankVlogItsFriday!  For those of you who haven’t been here before, this is simply a place to practise vlogging, seriously or otherwise.  It can be a daunting thing to do, but it’s another string to your blogging or vlogging bow if you can carry it off  (which I probably can’t, but I do it anyway!).  I’d love to see new faces on here, or if you don’t fancy showing your face, maybe record your pets, or your garden, or anything really – within reason of course. Family friendly is the key!  You have been warned.  I have a swear box!

The rules are the vlog has  to be a maximum of 2 minutes, and there’s a weekly theme which you can keep to, or completely ignore.  It’s entirely up to you.  You don’t meed a blog to participate, all you need is some way to record yourself and upload it.  If you pass me the link via the comments or via Twitter, I’ll do my best to embed your video straight into this blog, or at least post a link to it on here.

Today’s theme is an abstract one.  It’s ‘Dark’.  Here’s my contribution.  I suggest you make sure you have a cushion to hide behind.  It’s a bit scary….

 Horace must be very puzzled.  I’ve had to record this about 5 times, so have been shouting ‘Fish!’ quite a lot, whilst sat in a darkened room on my own.  That’s not normal is it?

The whole topic of ‘fish’ is a bit of an ongoing joke on this blog by the way. I cooked one by dishwashing it for charity, and made a heck of a lot of bad jokes in the process. Just by way of explanation. :O)

Great minds as they say……. Only this is a sensible version :O) Thanks to Mrs@Teepot. Maybe go and have a look at her brilliant blog Livi’s Little Bubble

Now you think they were eerie! Look at this vlog from @CoffeeSliceLife Personally I’m a great fan of Urbex, or Urban Exploration so I’m really happy to include these on here. Spooky goings on at the assylum by the sounds of things!

This is a photograph that uses dark and light beautifully, and it’s combined with a poem written by @Mummiafelice from her White Lily Green blog. Just click the link to watch and listen to it! Or copy and paste it into your browser. Alternatively just click the link in the comments box. I wish I could work Photobucket!

I need to warn you about this one. It’s more scary than any of the others, in fact it’s downright terrifying. @Hooker1UK from his Strange Blog of a Daddy


5 responses to “ThankVlogItsFriday 5

  1. Amanda gidders1

    OMG! Mrs teepot. I really did jump. Haha,
    I loved it!!!

  2. Amanda gidders1

    Love the urban exploration pictures. They were fab, like art, amazing!!!

  3. This is mine… cheating again. Sorry for the rubbish videoing and for forgetting what I was saying. I was trying to listen to what the kids were up to…lol

    [video src="" /]

  4. Heres my late one 🙂

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