I’m taking SmartaCow with me to Cybermummy!

I’m taking SmartaCow with me to Cybermummy!


A while ago, I heard rumours of mummy bloggers taking business cards to Cybermummy.  I distinctly remember inwardly sniggering and thinking, ‘As if! We’re not business women, we’re mums!’  And then I thought again. Maybe it wasn’t such a silly idea…..

I know we’ll be meeting a lot of new people at Cybermummy, and I know I’ll struggle to remember names, and blogs and where people are from etc.  If they have business cards that’ll be brilliant!  It will save me from doing my usual trick which is writing details down on the back of receipts or on scraps of paper and ending up throwing them in the bin by accident or putting them on a 40 degree wash cycle.  It’ll be far easier to remember people and to stay in touch if I have a neat little bit of card with all their details written on.  Business cards are actually very practical, never mind if we’re business women or not!

Shortly after this realisation, it occurred to me that I had no business cards and that nobody would remember me.  *sobs*  Then, SmartaCow came to my rescue!!! Have a look at these beauties.

A magnetic business card flower!

I have flyers!!! If you smile sweetly at me I'll let you have one :O)

You can find SmartaCow on Twitter under the username @SmartaCow (and a lovely, friendly lady she is too), please click here if you’d like to have a look at her website.

The business cards are a stroke of genius, they’re made out of a bendy rubber type of material, that is as slim as your average business card, but unlike your average business card – it will stick to metallic surfaces.  The idea is that you won’t leave these stuck cards stuck in your wallet, you’ll bob them on your fridge where they can easily been seen and referred to. No scrappy bits of blu-tac required!    If you’re interested in getting hold of some of these, please do contact SmartaCow via Twitter or her website and I’m sure she’d be pleased to advise you on availability and cost.  There’s some information about them HERE.

SmartaCow specialise in unique personalised party invitations (the ‘flyers’ shown above are actually invitations that have been adapted to publicise the blog.)  They have a multitude of designs for you to choose from, and they are very flexible and helpful if you have your own design ideas too.   I think these kids party invitations in particular are look very snazzy!  I know I’ve considered them for Darlek and Sausage when they next have birthdays.


Sing it now!!!! Y, M, C, A! (let's see those hands in the air!)

If you’re thinking of buying ‘Save the Date’ magnets without envelopes, they retail at 49p, if you want an envelope to go with them they cost 69p (magnet included).  Invitations are 79p each without an envelope, if you’d like an envelope too, they’re 99p each (invite included).  Having said that, if you mention the Brink of Bedlam when you place your order, you’ll be entitled to a 10% discount.  Can’t be bad!

I am absolutely made up with what SmartaCow have sent me, and will recommend them to anyone without hesitation.  The colours are vibrant, there’s shading and patterning to add detail, the font is clear, they’re practical, convenient, the card is good and thick – it’ll break my heart to hand them out to people!  I love them that much!

So all in all, I can’t wait for Cybermummy!  I never did manage to persuade anyone to sponsor me, but I don’t care!  I’ve got SmartaCow flyers and business cards, so they’re supporting me anyway.  Louise from SmartaCow is a real star, and I’m so pleased she’s agreed to support the blog by sending me these to take with me.  Louise, I’m sending you a special ‘Thank Moo!’ from me. x


2 responses to “I’m taking SmartaCow with me to Cybermummy!

  1. They do look cool. I’m looking forward to meeting you. Please do be sure to grab me and say hi!

  2. Hiya! I shall certainly keep an eye out for you! :O) So many people, I can’t wait to meet everyone x

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