Cuticura – For the Outdoorsy Mum!

Cuticura – For the Outdoorsy Mum!

A little while ago I wrote a blog about Cuticura, their Facebook campaign and their fabulous competition.   I do spoil you compers don’t I!  This is the follow up blogette.

Cuticura have a range of brilliantly convenient hand cleansing, anti-bacterial hand lotions with a selection of bottles and applicators which I shall regale /review now for your reading pleasure.   I know you can barely contain the excitement…..(they are actually quite nice, go on…read a bit more… know you want to)

I do think they’re actually a very handy little set of products, perfect for bobbing in a side pocket of a rucksack for days out with the kids when soap and water is near impossible to find.  Here is a selection of Cuticura’s products and a little about them.  Hand cleansing is not the most fascinating of subjects, but it’s very important and relevant to mums with kids who have constantly sticky, mucky paws.  Or maybe that’s just my brood?  *looks worried*

My family and I have suffered from more than our fair share of vomiting bugs, so I do try and remember to constantly wash the kids hands or use one of these sort of products.  Honestly, it got to the point where almost anything waterproof was potentially a sick bucket.  I remember handing Sausage his toy box at about 3am whilst he was in the throes of the dreaded Norovirus, and he just looked at me, all green at the gills, and said ‘No, Mummy!  That  toy box, not for sick!’  Put me right in my place!   Anyway, I’m heading speedily off topic.  Let’s apply the brakes…

So! Drum roll…… Introducing the  Cuticura Original Hand Lotion!

Kills 99.99% of bacteria fast. Let's hope the 00.001 bacteria that's immune to it isn't around much.

This is anti-bacterial stuff with hand lotion thrown into the bargain.  Keeps you germ free and makes your hands all silky smooth!  Quick drying, smells vaguely like Old Spice.  It also has one of those nip down tops that mean you don’t have to completely remove the lid to use it which is a nice touch.  I’m sick of losing all the lids on everything in my home, this sort of applicator is great if you ask me!  This comes in a dinky 100ml bottle, great for rolling around in the bottom of your handbag.

Next we have…..(tumble weed….are you still there? Honestly this is riveting stuff)….the Cuticura Original Hand Hygiene Gel.  Breathtakingly stylish photo to follow.

Also kills lots of germs. (germs, if you're reading afraid, be very afraid!)

This is the anti-bacterial gel, 50 ml bottle, flip top lid, smells vaguely of melons or the Calvin Klein perfume Escape – which is no bad thing as that’s my favourite perfume.  Maybe this would be a cheap, bug killing alternative to expensive smelly stuff.

The next one, I am sad to say, has already lost its lid.  In fact I left it in my pocket once I realised the lid had come off, and it squirted tons of foam all over my spare change.  Ew.  Great product, I just don’t like things with detachable lids.  Maybe I am ‘Lidaphobic’.  It is the Cuticura Hand Hygiene Foamer, which also happily kills germs to pass the time of day.

Captive lid shown here, it escaped into the wild shortly afterwards. Never to be seen again. Tragic isn't it.

My kids thought this stuff was more ‘fun’ than the other products, simply because the foam is frothy and bubbly.  It doesn’t evaporate as quickly, but I think because it’s more like actual soap from a dispenser, children are more inclined to use it as such and properly cover their hands.  Doesn’t smell as strong as the other products and is alcohol free unlike the others too (probably why it takes longer to dry)

Finally, the ‘Piece de Resistance’ or whatever that wierd french term is – the ever present friend of every mum I’ve ever known – the wet wipes format!  Cuticura Hand Hygiene Wipes.

Brilliant for manky tabletops and sticky fingers.

I love wet wipes, I don’t know how I ever lived without them before I was a mum.  They are just brilliant for cleaning surfaces, for cleaning hands, for wiping noses every now and then, for cleaning crayon off wooden cabinets…. A fabulous invention, and these are apparently no exception.   One thing I despise is public toilets, if you have a pack of these, you can at least let your child sit on the freshly wiped seat and hope the 0.01 germ that isn’t killed by these wipes, isn’t lurking on the loo.  I find anti-bacterial wipes, these included, very reassuring little tissues.  My only complaint is that I don’t think they are big enough, and often end up having to use two or three for every use.

In summary, nice size bottles, many formats to choose from, murders nasty germs, smells inoffensive, but doesn’t say if it’s been tested on animals or not on the back of any of these products.  I’d buy them if I was going camping, and will happily recommend them to you lot if you’re remotely interested. Are you still there??????   Shout ‘Boo!  if you are.

PS. These bottles come in 50ml, 100ml and 250ml sizes. So you can kill a few germs, loads of germs or tons and tons of germs according to your bottle size and how much you hate bacteria.


8 responses to “Cuticura – For the Outdoorsy Mum!

  1. BOO! I’m still reading. It’s so not just your children with permanently manky hands!

  2. Sausage is going through a horrendous stage where his index finger is usually stuck up one of his nostrils. I die a thousand deaths when he eats it in front of people *vomits into bucket*

  3. I use this – I always have it with me (I’ve got the orange one though – last years – need to upgrade to the one with hand lotion). Used it yesterday – climbing over Brimham Rocks and then a picnic. Use it when we’re out if the toilets aren’t as clean as perhaps they should be. I have it with me all the time (I am one of those who has a huge bag with plasters and lipstick and ‘phone and snacks and and and….) Need to get some more actually nearly run out.

  4. Jen has been either chewing his hands, or shoving his fingers up his nose a lot the last few weeks. Along with putting his hands into his Nappy and yelling Potty or toilet loudly. Sadly no hand washing in between. #GottaLoveBabyWipes

  5. Brimham Rocks is a brilliant place isn’t it. Was there only a couple of weeks ago. My bag’s the same. I have loads in it, and can never find anything!

    Glad it’s not just Sausage that’s doing that! Drives me loopy!

  6. Amanda gidders1

    Boo! I have the hand gel in my bag at all times, I’m a germa phobe (is that the phrase) in public toilets YUK!

  7. I think I’d rather ‘go’ outside than in a public loo, but don’t want to risk arrest. ;O) They’re awful aren’t they.

  8. Lol, going outside definately better than some loos.


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