#ThankVlogItsFriday 4

#ThankVlogItsFriday 4

It’s that time of the week again!  If you want to practise Vlogging or if you just want to join in, this is a ‘safe place’.  If you make a fool of yourself it doesn’t matter.  You can’t do much worse than me anyway!

This week’s theme is ‘Food’ – but people can submit anything they like really, as long as it’s A) Family Friendly B) Under 2 mins long C) Not about peanut butter (detest the stuff!)

All you have to do is record something, give me the link and I’ll add it directly to the blog – or add it to the comments section.  Either is fine!

I have to say I haven’t actually vlogged about ‘Food’, so I’m not leading by example. *slaps hand*.  It’s just I’ve entered a Vlogging comp with Appliances Online, and have put in a plea for a Fridge / Freezer on their Facebook page – so I’d quite like to use that Vlog.  It’s not a voting comp, but if you like it, please do visit the page and click ‘like’.  Once a week they quite literally give away a kitchen appliance to someone, which I think is a fabulous competition!  I think they’re a business worth promoting considering their generosity.  I’m so happy that it’s not a voting competition too, because I detest those sort of things almost as much as peanut butter.

Anyway, as always, I’ll go first!  By the way, if you know someone/anyone who has a fridge/freezer I can promote / review on this blog please do point them in my direction.  I’m desperate, you can probably tell…..

I’m very squeaky because I’m nervous by the way, sorry.  I’m also absolutely boiled out of my tiny mind!

*** I didn’t win by the way, I think posting anything on here is the kiss of death, better luck next time eh! ***

The Facebook page for Appliances Online is HERE.  You can find them on Twitter under the username @AppOnline and they’re very friendly and helpful.  If you could spare a like or a comment that would be nice, but only to show support.
It won’t earn me a win.  Thank you.  I know this is ridiculous, but I always think making people smile is a step in the right direction with these things.  Thanks for watching!   Feel free to snigger.  I’m looking all over the place because I’m reading a script, reading the product details for a flashy fridge and forgetting where the Webcam is. Sorry.

This is Mrs Teepot from her lovely blog!  The address is on her vlog. She’s a brilliant vlogger with a fabulous sense of humour – as you can tell.  (Note the nails!  They’re gorgeous!)

This is a ‘Hedgehog Vlog!’ I think that’s a phrase that rolls off the tongue beautifully, and it’s fantastic to watch. I want one! Pink hedgehogs are bound to be hard to get hold of though aren’t they?  Got to be rare! It is eating its food, so its well within the theme, and I love the way it bombs off at the end on important hedgehog business. Thanks to @Staffstechgirl for contributing.

@Gidders1 has uploaded an informative and lovely blog about the food she grows in her garden. I think that her daughter has an illustrious career in gardening programmes ahead of her. Just click on the following link here! I’m sorry I can’t include embed the vlog directly into the blog for technical reasons. (ie. I’m an idiot)

We have a cute and funny entry from @Mummiafelice from the White Lily Green blog. A budding comedian methinks! I can’t embed it onto the blog, but all you have to do is click on the link to view it, if that doesn’t work, have a look at the fourth comment down.

This one could be a contender for ‘You’ve Been Framed!’  – it is entitled ‘Jack Eats Mustard’ and it’s an absolute classic.  All I can say is that he eats a ton of it before he changes his mind!!!  Brilliant vlog, thank you @Jessies_Online. Her address is on her vlog, she makes fantastic cupcakes I think are worth having a nosey at :O)

5 responses to “#ThankVlogItsFriday 4

  1. Lucy Zelazowski

    PMSL!!! Haha If it was a voting comp, I’d definitely give you my vote! I cant believe you have to wear all you clothes all the time, you poor thing!
    Hurry up someone please… Give the lady a Fridge-Freezer
    Good luck! Hunni x

  2. Lol! Love it! I hope you win!

    Here’s mine:

  3. Helen O'Keeffe

    ok this is mine… might be a bit of a tenuous link but I’m just so excited to final capture this in a viewable format!

  4. [video src="http://s1188.photobucket.com/albums/z419/Whitelilygreen/?action=view&current=VID00046-20110603-1501.mp4" /]

  5. love the chocolate one!
    Here is my first entry into Thank Vlog It’s Friday :

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