Cybermummy 2011 Meet & Greet Post!

Cybermummy 2011 Meet & Greet Post!

This is part of the blog hop on Mummy’s Shoes blog!  You might want to bob over there and see some of the other entries if you’re heading to Cybermummy this year.  Well, this is me, and this is the blog I’ll be representing – the Brink of Bedlam!  Looking forward to meeting you all (presuming you can fit under the table where I’ll probably spend most of the conference, I’m shy, be nice!)

Name: Kay

Twitter ID: @Chaoskay

Height: I think I’m about 5ft 7 or 8ish

Hair: Long, blonde and straggly, but I’m having a hair cut this week so it might be short, blonder and stylish by the time Cybermummy comes around (hopefully).

Eyes:  (Honestly, are you really interested in this?!!) Grey blue colour indoors, sky blue colour when I’m outside in the fresh air.

Likes: Animals, Nature, Chocolate, Chinese Food, Birds, Poetry, People with a sense of humour, Trees, Music, David Attenborough, Anything by Douglas Adams, Clouds, Stars and Sunshine and I should probably put ‘My kids’ too.

Dislikes: Snobbery, Soaps (as in TV), Excessive rain, Being cold.

And now for a daft photo of me.  I’m not supposed to be on one of these tractors as I’m far too big, and it was a one off honest.

I shall use alternative transport to get to Cybermummy.....


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