A trip to Toysarasaurus (Toys R Us)

A trip to Toysarasaurus (Toys R Us)

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Right, before I write anything, I just want to say hi to my new blog followers, and I do hope that you’ll enjoy what you read. I’m fairly random when it comes to topics, but I guess the Brink of Bedlam blog name does give you a hint about how it goes around here.  My last blog has to have been the most ridiculous I’ve ever done and I have to sheepishly ask that you not judge me by my Agadoo skills.

This weekend we went over to Darlek and Sausage’s grandparents, just to catch up a bit and more importantly to take Darlek to Toys R Us – or Toysarasaurus as I like to call it, I always think it sounds like a dinosaur.  She’s been saving up for some rollerblades for ages, and we decided we weren’t going to buy any online as I think rollerblades should be properly fitted.  In my opinion this sort of footwear inevitably leads to Accident and Emergency admission, but as long as I make sure she has the best fitted ones possible and appropriate knee, elbow and wrist padding, I’ve done my best to minimise the injuries at least, and the guilt.

If only I could wrap her in cotton wool!!  I ended up with a hairline fracture in my wrist from skateboarding when I was a kid, and Sis had her leg broken in two places from falling off her roller boots.  I really, really, really don’t want Darlek to rollerblade.  I can’t help it!  Having said that, I spent many hours mucking about on my rollerboots when I was a kid and they are so much fun, I didn’t even wear all the padding they recommend these days either, and I’m still here.  I think it’s one of those ‘letting go’ things.  If she wants to fall on her bum and wind herself lots, then I suppose I shall have to let her.  Then again, I might just walk behind her, arms outstretched every single time she goes out on them, like forever.

Despite my very over protective, stupid worries, on Sunday morning we set off to Toys R Us so Darlek could buy herself a pair.  She was very excited and broke wind in the car several times to prove the point.  Grandma buys lovely little cherry tomatoes and Darlek had eaten vast amounts of them, she loves them, but I’m not sure how well they get on with her digestive system.

Up north we all wear flat caps and look like farmers honest (see bloke at back)

I’ve never been to a Toys R Us store and I have to say it bewildered me and I’m a grown up, so I’m not surprised it drives kids to near hysteria. It’s massive!  There’s aisle after aisle of multi-coloured, push button, luminous, wind up, inflatable, you-name-it-they’ve-got-it stuff and nonsense!  Quite literally as we walked in the door, Sausage walked to the very first shelf, pointed at something and gabbled on about wanting it.  I thought we were in trouble.  In actual fact I was pleasantly surprised.  Neither of them had hissy fits or screaming heebie jeebie do’s.  Sausage found himself a huge battery powered police car to sit in and pretend to drive for a while, and Darlek was totally focussed on finding her perfect pair of lethal footwear.  I was amazed.  I expected at least one ‘I’m not leaving without this £100 teddybear’ episode, but they were the picture of politeness, sort of.

The chosen rollerblades! I have A & E on speed dial now...

Anyway, on with the details of the toy expedition!  As we wandered up and down the aisles searching for ‘death by wheely shoes’, Darlek continued ‘blowing off’ as the ladies at nursery used to call it, and it was a bit embarrassing really.  Her father and I politely asked her to try to wait until she was outside, but the tomatoes were obviously having none of it.  Every now and then Horace and I would exchange glances, scrunch noses and we’d walk a little faster than usual to the next aisle.   At least they were SBD’s (Silent But Deadly in case you’ve forgotten) so we could feign innocence.

Finally Darlek made her choice and proudly carried the heavy rollerboots in their box to the car.  We bought Sausage a bright fuscia pink football too, he’d got particularly attached to it while Darlek tried on endless rollerboots.  We had a bit of a kick about to pass the time and no way was he going to leave his ‘yellow’ ball behind.

I wish I could quite literally wrap her in cotton wool!

Later Darlek practised rollerblading / walking like a robot with her dad and me at her Auntie’s house. I have to say I admire her courage, I thought she might just say ‘it’s too hard!’ and give up, but no.  I’m pleased to say she slid and skittered from one end of the driveway to the other with a look of grim determination on her face.  Togged up to the eyeballs with padding, she still managed to fall on her bum and cry, which I felt terrible about as I was trying to hold her at the time.  Despite this, she wiped her tears away on her sleeve, stumbled to her feet and carried on.  She’s got guts has my girl!  As I type, I’m grinning broadly and mentally patting myself on the back for being a good mum, which is not something I do very often.  I’ve raised a little girl with a bit of ‘oomph’ about her as my own mum would say.

Sausage on his Speedy Scooter!

Sausage bombed up and down on his scooter all the while, and it was wonderful to see them happily playing outside.  It doesn’t seem that long since they were learning to walk, never mind learning how to move at speed on wheels.  The way time flies at the moment, I’ll blink and they’ll be taking driving lessons.

6 responses to “A trip to Toysarasaurus (Toys R Us)

  1. This strikes a chord with me this weekend as my girl has just learnt to ride a bike – I have exhausted myself running alongside acting as catcher, but now she is too fast and I can only hope she doesn’t fall off! Naturally she has a helmet and full length cotton wool coat on too.

  2. Congratulations to your daughter! Learning to ride a bike is such a big step isn’t it. I cried when Darlek first rode her bike, I could just see her cycling off into the sunset without her mummy to catch her. Still makes me fill up to think about it, lol! Soppy thing that I am!

  3. Its hard to let them do “dangerous things” but eventually they’ll be out there in the big bad world on their own so its better to have experienced bumps and scrapes now while they have Mum to pick up the pieces. My own daughter had/has kamakazi tendencies – skateboarding with her arm in plaster as a result of a previous tumble (she’d been told not to) at about 10 or 11 years old she managed to crack her knee cap. A full recovery was made, its never hindered her netballing career and she remains undaunted, even at 30 with a baby of her own she still does madcap things. I love her all the more for her spirit of adventure! I’m sure Darlek will be the same with a Mum like you. Simply be there for her and it’ll boost her confidence no end.

  4. Kay, I just want to say that that great mix-up of feelings is not ‘stupid’. It’s called being a mum. A good one.

  5. I laugh at this, yes been there and done it, especially at Naviguesser comment, my son was the same, at 6 yr old knocked down by a car that he jumped backwards in front of and ended up in A&E, and the next day I caught the little “horror”!! cycling on his 11 yr old sisters bike wiggly woggly ( deliberately) down the middle of the road, I grounded him for a week after I yelled at him!!
    sorry for being over fussy but notice daughter has no protection on her head, bike helmets are brill for kids on skates..

  6. She’d only just bought the skates, and we were miles away from home at her aunties so hadn’t got her bike helmet with us. Today she went out on them and wore the full monty, helmet included. It’s so scary watching her flail about! Honestly, they have no fear at this age! Glad both Naviguesser’s daughter and your son were none the worse for their injuries.
    And thanks Phil, I try my best most days. x

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