#ThankVlogItsFriday 3

ThankVlogItsFriday 3

So here we are #ThankVlogItsFriday comes around far too quickly and I’m never prepared!  This is my particularly cringeworthy attempt.  You cannot…I repeat…you CANNOT come up with anything more embarrassing than this I’m sure.    I dare you. (evil grin).  Come on!  Pls join in, all you have to do is a vlog under 2 mins, that’s it.  You don’t even need a blog, all you need is a YouTube account, if you give me the link I’ll embed it straight into the blog.  Simple as!

A few of us on Twitter decided on the theme of ‘Dance!’ – hence my particularly tuneful little ditty and my apalling dance routine. If you don’t laugh at this, or at least put your head in your hands whilst muttering ‘I cannot watch this….’ I’ll be amazed.  Obviously if you want to submit something on a different subject, that’ll be fine too.  A theme is just a suggestion.  The sky’s the limit as they say.

My youngest adores Agadoo, and throws himself into the dance routine at every opportunity.  Darlek is more inclined to attempt the Running Man dance or breakdancing, which tends to involve a lot of rolling around on the floor and kicking of legs in the air – I decided Agadoo was the safer option for obvious reasons.  It’s not that I can’t breakdance (honest), there’s just not the room you see….

Sorry about the croaky voice, I have a bit of a cough.  Are you ready?  I recommend grabbing a pillow to hide behind so you can hide when it all gets too much.  And can someone please tell me how to stop my hands looking absolutely massive every time I record on this cam?  I don’t have club hands, really I don’t!

If you want to watch previous contributions, just click HERE and HERE

And from @Hooker1UK we have this little classic! They’re boogying away to THIS! Nyan Kitty! Hooker1UK runs ‘The Strange Blog of a Daddy’ if you’d like to visit!

A cute as cute can be, contribution from @Staffstechgirl!

@F1ButtonFan is off to Florida tomorrow!  She won the trip, because she is jammy!  (I’m not envious or anything)  Have a lovely time Julie!

We have a new vlogger today! We have @coffeeslicelife who introduces himself and his hat. Fabulous accent I’m sure you’ll agree! It’s genuinely fascinating to actually put faces and voices to usernames from Twitter and Facebook.

A lovely dance from @Gidders1 and her adorable kids! I can’t embed Photobucket into WordPress so you’ll just have to follow the link which is HERE!!

You cannot fail to smile at this one from Mrs Teepot! You can find her fabulous blog HERE!


6 responses to “#ThankVlogItsFriday 3

  1. Hahahahaha! I love you, I do!!! 😀

  2. That is a thing of beauty that is.

  3. Hahaha! You’ll be SO happy to know that this is the first time I’ve seen your blog – and I totally retweeted it 😉 utterly brilliant.

  4. This absolutely made my day and inspired my hashtag #WTF_Friday!! This was too too funny. Well done you. HMSx

  5. Helen O'Keeffe

    heres mine – am I being dim – cant see linky thing?
    Great contributions so far!

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