The Bath Commandment – Nearly a #SilentSunday

The Bath Commandment – Nearly a #SilentSunday


Not amused.


7 responses to “The Bath Commandment – Nearly a #SilentSunday

  1. Best get them Marigolds on!!

    Oh dear :0(

  2. Usually it doesn’t come off too badly, it’s just if it’s been left on for a while. OH bought them for Xmas for the kids a couple of years ago and I was pleased when they dissolved / got used. He bought new ones this year and they drive me crackers. I’ve dropped hints about him cleaning the bath, but he’s suddenly gone deaf I think.

  3. oh dear! Someone’s in trouble!

  4. savour these works of art, your children are young all to short a time, ……and if you savour it, you dont have to clean it and they cant mess the bath up again….see Im not all daft!!

  5. OHs do that… go deaf I mean, when there is any hint of cleaning up to be done.

  6. I love my OH, but I love him even more when he cleans the bathroom. But yes, in this case he has gone selectively deaf. Darn and blast it! LOL!

  7. Bet the kids have fun tho. Ive thought about getting them for our daughter but wasnt sure how easy they wash off.

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