And here we are again!  This week I will mostly be going bright red and muttering about octupuses, (or are they Octupi?  or maybe Octopi’s, or Octopeeses, what the blinking heck is the plural of Octopus anyway!)

Please do join in!  Honestly vlog reviews are increasingly popular on the ye olde tinternet and if you can add to Vlogging to your blogging skills, I think it’s a bonus.  I’m trying to get more confident and less terrified of the webcam, and if you want to do the same this is a great place to practise.  If you’re a small business and you want to say a little about what you do, that’s fine too.  You can introduce us to your pets, your favourite chair, discuss economics (actually that might go a little over my head), show us your flashiest dance routine, anything!  As long as it’s under 2 mins, it’s decent, and it’s your contribution, it’s great!

You can add your YouTube link (or whatever else you use) to the comments box or you can add it to the Linky which is here.

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Anyway, this is me again.  I’m asking you kindly not to look at the extremely untidy room.  In fact, The Clutter Fairy had best just close her eyes and just listen to the vlog instead….

And this is a news report that featured @TinyTalkLeics and the lovely Heather! I did babysigning with my two (particularly Darlek) and can vouch for its effectiveness. It gives you some fabulous little insights into their world.

And this is the triffic @MrsTeepot! featuring her hats!  Love ’em, Love ’em, Love ’em!  Especially the baby doll pink one :O)

A game of rugby on the telly and in the living room from Jenson from ButtonF1Fan. I hope the telly’s insured!

We are honoured to have a photo from Needaphone’s kitty Rollie (he has his own blog dontcha know!). He’s very famous so does not abide by our rules or anyone else’s – so he’s just submitted a photo, and what a fine photo it is too! Introducing….Ta..daaaah! Rollie the Ninja Cat!


6 responses to “#ThankVlogItsFriday

  1. Amanda gidders1

    Ahhh so good, your LO’s are seriously talented! I shall try my bestest to vlog tomorrow – sorry to hear about the bullying issues :(( tweet tmrw xx

  2. Thanks for commenting and I think they’re talented too, although I’m biased of course ;O)

  3. Sorry to hear about the bullying, hope you get it sorted soon!
    Otherwise, fab vlog!
    Here’s mine:

  4. Good vlog as ever. Can I say though, watched on a pc this time, not my phone and could hear you better. Your voice sounds different than i was expecting. You know how when you “chat” to folk online you imagine a voice for them… Silly me!

    Toilet training, don’t get me started on totally soggy clothes and wet beds!!

  5. I feel almost upset that my voice is wrong. Can’t be helped I’m afraid. I’m a bit northern and a bit squeaky, that’s just me, lol! :O) Thanks so much for the vlog Julie! :O) xxx

  6. Haha, no tv isn’t insured. unless its covered on the normal contents insurance!

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