Handmade Thursday – Wire and Beading Bracelet

#HandMadeThursday – Wire and Beading Bracelet

Inspire Me Beautiful

This is part of #HandmadeThursday as hosted by WhiteLilyGreen.

I’ve decided to submit one of my other jewellery creations.  Basically I’ve used three separate metal wires and have anchored them together at either end, I then weaved wire in and out of the strands to bind them together all the way along, with ocassional seed beads to add a bit of interest.

My phone doesn’t do very good close up shots, but you can kind of see what it looks like here.  One day I’ll get a load together and actually have a go at selling them, and yes, I know!  Pigs might fly!

If you click on it, you can see it in more detail.


7 responses to “Handmade Thursday – Wire and Beading Bracelet

  1. Wow thats lovely Kay! xxx

  2. Lovely bracelet kay x

  3. That looks great, I’ve never tried making jewellery, always imagined you need loads of ‘stuff’ to get started. x

  4. Ohhhh thats lovely…Ive always fancied giving jewllery making a go, looks great fun x

  5. That’s soooo pretty! I wish i could make jewellery!

    Thank you for linking up lovely x

  6. Amanda gidders1

    Ahhh Kay it’s great, you really should make more!

  7. Its lovely and a clever original idea. I know what you mean about selling stuff, somehow I’ve never made the plunge either. Though I know friends and family appreciate my makes as Birthday and Christmas gifts I just can’t see that anyone would actually pay for them!

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