Tomorrow will be Sunny!

Tomorrow will be Sunny!

It’s time I was in bed, fast asleep, tucked up with my cosy pillow and the scatterings of glitter that Sausage chucked all over the bed this morning. But instead I’ve been sat watching Horace play computer games, fidgetting and thinking, ‘I should blog’ and feeling guilty for not doing so. It’s ridiculous. Blogging appears to have turned into a cigarette substitute. ‘I’ve not blogged today’ – the words now trigger a guilt complex and a complete inability to walk away from the keyboard. I can’t help myself. I must type crap.

So anyway, this is me resolving my neurotic need to type stuff. I’m writing about the need to blog. Even if this actual blog is not blogworthy. I’ve fulfilled my duty to erm…..nobody, for erm… reason. You see today, I ambled around the house, changed Sausage’s underpants about a billion times due to his incredible capacity to wee more than his own body weight anywhere except in the potty – watched CBeebies until I felt like I’d had a lobotomy – stared out the window longingly – did the school run punctuated with poor D falling over and cried very slightly at her teacher whilst telling her to sort her act out and stop some little madam bullying my daughter. (takes a breath).

You see today wasn’t really worth recording, in fact it was a none-day. If I could start it again, I would. And I’d make biscuits, and phone a friend, and be happier. I’m such a miserable git some days. It’s this rain, I swear it washes the life out of me!

Tomorrow it will be sunny. If, perchance, it isn’t – I’ll damn well pretend and wear sunglasses and a bikini or something. That’d be funny at least, and then I’d have something to blog about.


3 responses to “Tomorrow will be Sunny!

  1. well all I can say is if you are going out in the rain in a bikini and sunglasses can we please have a vlog?
    But, look on the brightside, you have inspired me to go blog about what the grandkids and I did on Tuesday evening.
    hmmmmm might need to be 2 blog posts cos part of it involved using a freebie product I had been given

  2. You are not alone, I have none-days too and yes my blog(s), FB and SMS seem a bit like drugs at times, for some reason I haven’t become addicted to Twitter but that probably cos its not so easy from my PayAsYouGo mobile here in Dubai.
    I ‘m sure friends probably decided a longtime ago that I’m talking to myself when I post anything but if it helps keep me on the sunny side then I don’t care. If it really is crap, I write it but don’t post it publically, much in the same way as when I was working I occasionally wrote ranting emails to my bosses but never sent them further than the delete box…

  3. I’ve had a look at your crafty blog and I think you’re very talented, and enjoy reading what you write. Keeping on the sunny side, one way or another is an absolute priority I reckon. It certainly helps keep me sane (ish). Think yourself lucky you’re not addicted to Twitter, lol! I reckon it’s taken over half of my life!

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