Very Lazy Caribbean Chicken Cooking Sauce

Very Lazy Caribbean Chicken Cooking Sauce

Although I do enjoy investing in a good indepth recipe every now and then, I also appreciate a very simple straightforward, quick recipe on a week night when I’m too busy to sneeze let alone cook a-la-carte. So, I was very pleased to be sent a sample of the Very Lazy Caribbean Chicken Cooking sauce to try out.  The instructions seemed very straightforward and perfect for a stress free tea time.

I have to admit to my ignorance of Caribbean cuisine, I’m a complete novice.  In fact I don’t think I’ve ever eaten anything Caribbean before in my life, so this was a culinary adventure.  Only a bit of an adventure though, as far as a meal in a jar can be anyway.

It was quite deceptive if I’m being truthful.  My first mouthful made me think ‘Mmmmm, nice and sweet’ and then my next mouthful made me think ‘Bl**dy hell, my mouth is on fire’.  It did have a very strong kick to it, perhaps a little too much chillie for me, and definitely too much for the kids.  I had to make them beans on toast instead which was a bit gutting considering I’d already made them one tea, and then had to make another.

If you’re a fan of chillies and sweet fruit flavoured savoury sauces, then I should imagine you’ll love this.  I’m not a complete wuss when it comes to spices, but it was too much for me.  I suspect that’s just my tastebuds.  Definitely worth a try though!  Easy to make, tastes good, blows your socks off!

Here’s the cooking process illustrated with photographs.  (note the horns and the evil grin on the packaging on the first picture, I should have realised then how hot the sauce would be, bit of a hint there….)

Very Lazy cooking sauce for a very lazy cook on a week night.

This is what the sauce actually looks like. Good texture, looks like 'real' ingredients, rather than pureed gunk.

The basic ingredients. Chicken, Very Lazy Caribbean Chicken Cooking Sauce, half a can of coconut milk, small tin of chopped pineapple

Stir-fry chicken, add Cooking Sauce, add pineapples, then add coconut milk. Anyone with half a brain could make this!

The end product! Just add rice! Simple as.


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  1. Lol – sorry about that – we will send you something slightly milder next time x In the meantime, thanks so much for taking the time to review and record for us, hugely appreciated. Best wishes, @verylazyfood

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