Over the last couple of months I’ve written blogs for a company called UKMums.TV, you might remember the Moon Dough, the Easter Craft and the Squinkies review maybe?  These reviews were featured on their website too, and if you visit their site you’ll spot me on their presenters page.  They’ve now told me I’m officially one of their ‘Preferred Bloggers’ which is lovely, it seems they like what I write – which makes me very happy indeed!  Somebody loves me!!  (shouted from the rooftops) There’s 6 mummy bloggers in total who will regularly feature on their site, and I’m ecstatic to be among their number.  In particular I’m honoured to be featured alongside my good friend Tracy Brown, otherwise known as @Mummiafelice who writes the very successful White Lily Green blog.

I’m not altogether sure that UKMums.TV have got the right mummy blogger if I’m speaking plainly, maybe they thought I was someone else and emailed me in error?  With this in mind, I still accepted their Preferred Blogger status, have imported their badge onto my blog, have written this announcement blog thingy and surely they will not be able to take the offer back now?  I hope not anyway.

By way of explanation UKMums.TV is a site for parents who want to be in the know about anything and everything.  They host reviews via vlog and the written word, manage a constantly updated ‘Hot Topics’ board, feature informative, educational and topical articles, run competitions and much, much more.  Go grab yourself a cup of tea (or a glass of wine if you’re feeling rebellious), put your feet up and have a read.  I think you’ll like it.


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  1. Congrats Kay!

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