StardustKids Clothing

Stardust Clothing!

I don’t know about your kids, but I know mine have firm favourites when it comes to clothes. Sausage loves his Bob The Builder T’shirt.  When he wears it, he very proudly points to his chest and says ‘BOB!’ Darlek on the other hand has a love of Star Wars (not very feminine, but frankly I’m proud that she’s not a stereotypical girlie girl), and has pyjamas with Anakin Skywalker on.  All of the above outfits have been worn to near destruction, but they still love them and will continue to wear them until they drop off their backs no doubt.

The point I’m making is, if kids love their clothes they can quite literally be known to wear them to pieces. That’s why they need to be good quality, and hard wearing – and it’s a bonus if they look stylish too of course! This is why I jumped at the chance to review a t’shirt from Stardust Kids Clothing range.

Here’s a couple of my favourites from the site.

How brilliant is this?!! Retro and won't show the muck! Kapow!!

Dennis the Menace Meets WonderWoman!

From the moment I looked at their site, I thought ‘I love this stuff!’.  These clothes are a rainbow of choice, reds, greens, blues, oranges – and for both sexes too. They have funny, clever captions, space invaders, robots, lego figure pics, animal prints – they are in a word ‘cool’.  (I’m gushing now, but I genuinely do really rate them)

Darlek chose this T’shirt and has almost literally not stopped wearing it.  It is a feminine pink, but then again it has a polar bear on it that looks like it’ll bite your hand off if you go too close.  Like the rest of Stardust clothing, it has attitude.

If you want to follow this company on Twitter, you can find them under the username @StardustRascals, well worth a follow!   A very friendly company with a big online presence.

This particular T’shirt has been washed approximately 6 times since we received it in the post, and the print on the front has not shown signs of cracking or flaking, the colour hasn’t faded as yet, and it feels like quality material to the touch.  If you’re wanting to buy kids clothes, but are bored of the typical blue diggers for boys, pink kittens for girls kit, you’d do well to have a wander around their site.  It’s an absolute breath of fresh air!  Pls click here to visit Stardust clothing and go ‘Oooh!  I want one of those!’


2 responses to “StardustKids Clothing

  1. I love the space invaders baby grow!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the review. We do our best not to create stereo typical stuff! Best Wishes

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