#HandmadeThursday in connection with White Lily Green’s Lovely Link Up!

Inspire Me Beautiful

Every now and then I have a go at making jewellery. I find it incredibly relaxing, but struggle to get around to it. Here’s a pair I made a while ago. My photography skills are nil desperandum, so pls excuse the fuzzyness – if you think of it as ‘soft focus’ it doesn’t look quite so bad.  These are made with ‘Crackle Glass Nugget’ green beads and clear, ‘hint of sparkle glass’ round beads.

I thought they looked fresh and green and in the spirit of spring.

Earring Fruit!

6 responses to “#HandmadeThursday

  1. Lovely apple green colour. Is it fiddly to make earrings?

    Soft focus? Blimey everything looks like that to me, guess I should start wearing my specs more! x

  2. Ooooh greeeen!!! I love them! Thanks for linking up!!

  3. Maybe you should just cut out the midday vodka Liz ;O)

    Happy to link up Tracy, lovely to see what other people have been making too!

  4. Oh yeah – or add a bit more tonic ;0)


  5. You could link this up for photography as well I love it. Really pretty earrings, i find it relaxing making things too.

  6. very pretty kay love the green colour 🙂

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