You may be wondering what I’m on about, well…..this is an experiment in mixed media!   Don’t I just sound posh!

Basically this is (hopefully) going to be a regular feature.  I’m inviting anyone and everyone to join in and submit a ‘Vlog’ which is basically a Video Blog.  I’ve only ever done one before and found it terrifying (see wobble cam on Snazarroo review), but fun.  Since then I’ve seen a few other Vlogs and they’re really interesting, you actually get to hear and see the people / bloggers involved!  It’s not just the written word, it’s real life (ish).

Recently I’ve noticed that Vlogging has become quite a popular medium too, and if you can manage it, it seems to be another string to your blogging bow.  This is the beauty of #ThankVlogItsFriday.  You can record anything anything you like for a maximum of two minutes, and link it here.  It’ll build your confidence up and hopefully mine too and it should be a real laugh!  The rules are, there are no rules.  You can sit there and simply stare for 2 mins if you like, (although I’m likely to avoid eye contact and fidget), you can read song lyrics or a poem, you can talk about your day, your cat, the weather, whatever you like.

If I can do this, you can.  I haven’t had my hair cut for a year, my crows feet are mahoosive, the room in the background is a mess, I slur when I’m nervous etc etc.  I’m sure we’re all in the same boat really.  Please do join in!  At some point I’ll try and sort out one of those fancy badges so you can add it to your blog too.

So, here’s my contribution.  I wobble my head too much, my teeth look yellow and I roll my eyes like I’m possessed at one point – but buggerit as they say.  I had a go.  The sound doesn’t seem to match the video either, but that’s not my fault, I’ve recorded it and rerecorded it so many times I can’t be bothered to do it again. ‘Fraid you’ll have to just cope with the wierd time delay. Now it’s your turn.  I’ll add the linky at the bottom!  I did this by signing up for  YouTube account, recording this via Webcam, and then clicking on Embed.  After that I copied the HTML into this blog.  That probably won’t help you, but that’s the best explanation I can come up with.  So!  You don’t even need a blog to join in really, just a YouTube account.  Please don’t leave me reading poetry to myself, have a try too? (begs)

See comments for links from other people, or click on the Linky link below :O)

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15 responses to “#ThankVlogItsFriday!

  1. Brilliant! This is a great idea for a regular feature.

    Sorry, I can’t do this week because I’m feeling rubbish – or maybe I will, we’ll see.

    Love the time delay – it’s like you’re somewhere exotic or something!

  2. I love it. Will have a go in a bit maybe if im brave enough. Eek! you’ve brushed your laverly!

  3. Oh, Amanda, please, please, please do! I’m sat on this blog all on my lonesome, looking like a freak, talking out of synch and waffling about cake. This seemed like a good idea at the time, lol! I’d love it if you or anyone else could join in. You don’t even have to vlog yourself, you could record anything your kids, the birds on the windowsill, anything!

  4. Helen O'Keeffe

  5. Helen!!!! You are my hero!!! Thank you so much! I’ve added your clip to the linky thing at the bottom of the blog too. That is a very cute kitty, and your garden is far tidier than my patch, lol! Thanks x :O) (massive grin)

  6. Helen O'Keeffe

    yay glad it worked, had to speak quietly as all my neighbours decided to be outside.
    Will try and do someting a bit more interesting this week!

    p.s love your poem!

  7. Maybe a theme might be a good idea, or do people think the ‘No Rules’ is better?

  8. I think no rules at first, to get peeps confidence up? Sorry can’t seem to create an account. But as soon as I do I will link up! :0)

  9. Kay, what are you doing to my nerves lol…. I sound ‘orrible lol

    Fab idea hun x

  10. Fab stuff! Love this idea! I keep meaning to vlog more! The time limit will be tough though! Hard to shut me up!

  11. my computer to old to have this technology…and wouldnt run a video camera if I attached a seperate one, not powerful enough…..thats my excuse and Im sticking to it

  12. Sounds like a bit of fun… will try to remember to have a go this coming Friday tho its our weekend here so might not have a moment

  13. Naviguesser if you could have a go, that’d be fabulous! It can be of anything or anyone. The more the merrier! :O)

  14. Elaine, excuses, excuses tut-tut! ;O)

  15. I’m liking this idea (I think!), not sure I’m brave enough to put myself in front of the lense yet & I have a terrible croaky voice at the moment. Well done for starting & I will try & join in this week

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