Racing Toothbrushes

Racing Toothbrushes

Darlek’s obviously as competitive as her mother.  Yesterday she finished cleaning her teeth and stuck her toothbrush very purposefully to the tile just above where her brother had stuck his behind the sink.  It’s one of those fancy toothbrushes only kids seem to get, that have suckers on the bottom.  It’s also multicoloured and cute looking.  I’m not jealous or anything.

Anyway!  It was quite late and I suspect Darlek was chattering to put off the inevitable bedtime.  She told me that there was an ongoing toothbrush race between her and her brother, and reeled off a complicated set of rules.  I did try to make sense of these rules, but I struggled more than a little.

It was something like – if Sausage’s toothbrush (which is shaped like an elephant and which is equally suckered and flashy looking) is stuck to the tiles, Darlek has to stick her toothbrush on the tile above it which means she gets a point.  Basically it seems to be ‘gain a tile, gain a point.’   Darlek said she’d won 15 times so had 15 points.  There was something about a bonus point if the toothbrush ends up stuck upside down hanging like a bat from underneath the bathroom cabinet.

Sausage is only just 3 years old, he is completely unaware of the toothbrush race, and is only vaguely aware of the importance of cleaning his teeth.  As far as I can gather, he simply thinks it is important to drink lots of water from his toothbrush, which he often does very enthusiastically.  He puts the brush under the tap, sucks the water off it, and does this repeatedly until either parent ends up shouting ‘Bed NOW!’ usually at the point just before he floods the sink.

Unwittingly he is taking part in a very serious game of what seems to be a mixture of snakes and ladders or maybe ludo?   A child’s world is a very different one to an adults.  What we look on as a random arrangement of toothbrushes, is actually a very serious competitive set up for a 6 year old apparently.

I finished writing this blog and wandered upstairs to see how the Toothbrush Race is progressing.  Here is the current state of play.

I think Sausage's elephant toothbrush may be in the lead?

Sausage’s elephant toothbrush does appear to have pole position stuck under the bathroom cabinet, but then again the rules are very complicated.  Darlek’s toothbrush is on a completely different set of tiles, (left side of pic, horizontal) I’m not sure if that means she has bypassed the first stage and is in the lead on the second stage of the competition.   Your guess is as good as mine.  As long as neither of them ends up with fillings before the age of ten, I’ll assume they’ve both won.


One response to “Racing Toothbrushes

  1. Sharon Goodwin

    I love this Kay 🙂 for all sorts of reasons. Very creative and makes what is most definitely seen as a chore for children a lot more fun! Thanks for sharing

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