Snazaroo Union Jack Face Painting Kit

Snazaroo Union Jack Face Painting Kit for

Snazaroo sent me a Union Jack Face Painting kit to try out for Izzi Wizzi Kids, and I agreed to Vlog my observations in return.

After much sniggering, quietly collapsing into hysterics, dropping stuff and general mild hysteria I recorded this.  No laughing at the back now please!

The paints are actually very usable, in that they apply effectively, are a nice texture and apply easily and thoroughly to faces.  They aren’t blotchy at all, and don’t require tons of water adding which is convenient, considering kids + paint + pots of water = MESS!!! (Capital letters, exclamation marks all added for dramatic effect).

Yay, I’m having an over wordy day!

Anyway, with minimal mucking about we ended up with quite an effective Union Jack painted on Darlek’s face.  I was quite impressed with my efforts if I say so myself.  I don’t show photos of my kids faces on this blog anymore, so I can’t show you a photo, but let me tell you, she was a work of art! (polishes artistic halo).  The best bit was that it washed off very easily, just a quick wipe with a washcloth and a wet wipe and Darlek was completely back to normal.

These paints are hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, easy to remove, and paint up to 10 faces.  Easy, peasy.

Right, the highlights! I’m sure you’re all on the edge of your seats….

1) Wobblecam. 2) Me describing and indicating the colours , Red, Blue and White, just in case you don’t know what colours are. 3) ‘Darlek painted Sausage’s face’ – Wording is completely insane. 4) Close up of flag painted face on packaging at 0.44 – light reflects on packaging so absolutely nothing can be seen at all. 5) Me scrabbling at the packaging and saying ‘Erm….’ every 5 seconds.

I think I may stick to the written word from now on! Very embarrassing!  I also said ‘Siya’ at the start, combining ‘Hiya’ with ‘Snazaroo’  And keep an eye out for a guest appearance from ‘The Thumb!’


4 responses to “Snazaroo Union Jack Face Painting Kit

  1. Well done for doing this, having recently video reviewed the Lenny Lamb for Izziwizzi kids (my first & possibly the last? video review) I know how hard it is, I suffered an overuse of the words ‘nice’ and ‘bite’ – cringeworthy!
    Shame we couldn’t see the finished face but good for you for having a go!

  2. Well done on your first Vlog!!

    I’ve never had the guts to do face painting – what with having no artistic talent an all! Sounds like it was straightforward though.

  3. Can’t help feeling you should have done your own face….disguise is a great confidence booster! 😉 Seriously though I think you are merely a few Vlogs away from filling Connie Huq’s shoes.

  4. Sorry I didn’t post sooner. Just wanted to say well done on your review. There will be plenty more coming you way if you want them 🙂


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