Heat Holders – A Snug Sock Review.

Heat Holders – The Ultimate Thermal Sock!

This Saturday morning I’ve spent about half an hour trying to get a decent photograph of my feet, whilst wearing odd socks.  ‘Why?!’ you ask.  Good question.  I wondered myself!  Blogging is a wierd and wonderful occupation.

Is one foot bigger than the other? Am I lopsided?

You see I’ve been sent some socks, some lovely, snuggly, thermal, bright pink, fluffy, knee high socks from Heat Holders.  To be bluntly honest, I’ve been wearing them loads and in true Kay fashion, I’ve lost one in the wash somewhere.  I mean, what do you expect from a self confessed Sock Monster?

Mind you, this is apparently no bad thing, because I can now wear odd socks and compare them.  Honestly, if you look closely, my right foot does actually look bigger than my left.  This is because these socks are simply the fluffiest socks I’ve ever worn, I think they are possibly the most perfect welly sock ever invented – they are that thick they make my foot look huge!  Now I’m gushing, but they really are very, warm and I love them. They are my favourite socks now, apart from the other sock I’m wearing – they are in a different class altogether.  I love my monkey sock with the bobbly eyes, although they aren’t half as warm, they are possibly twice as comedic.

And now for a bit of interesting sales waffle. Your average cotton sock has a tog rating of 0.40, your average thermal sock has a rating of 1.50, these socks have a tog rating of 2.34.  They are unbelievably warm, and they are really soft on the inside as they are made with an intense brushing process apparently, they have long pile cushioning too (which is why they make my foot look big I think) and they are made with extra heavy bulk yarn too.

I suspect if you went camping, these Heat Holder socks would become your new best friend.  Loved reviewing these and wear them loads as slippers, bed socks and welly socks……and they’re bright pink so Horace isn’t so keen on nicking them which is nice too.  :O)

This blog was a brilliant excuse for me to put my feet up!

This company can be found on Twitter under the name @HeatHolderSocks and their website is here. WWW.HEATHOLDERS.COM They retail at £6 with a £1.75 delivery charge which changes according to how many pairs you buy.

This is a sponsored post,  however all thoughts & observations are my own.  I have not been paid for this post, although I did receive a fabulous snug pair of socks in return for my time.

One response to “Heat Holders – A Snug Sock Review.

  1. Hello Miz Bedlam!

    First of all, thank you for droping by, if you didn’t sub to that blog then I’ll just like to remind you I did reply and am open to any comments you may have on the subject. You can reply there, it’s an old blog so no one will be reading if you’re worried.

    On the sock front… I have to say, I would like a pair of the socks like on your right foot! But only for Winter! I can’t stand too much heat, I like things cool and raining nicely if possible. haha Yes, I am that odd! :/ lol

    Hope you’re well today! 🙂

    – Phil

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