Moon Dough Madness!

Moon Dough Madness!

You’ve heard of Play Doh?  Well meet the next generation of the stuff, Moon Dough.  Rolled into a ball it looks similar to traditional play doh, but as soon as you pick it up you notice the difference.  It’s light, like polystyrene, and crumbles like freshly fallen snow between your fingers.  Very strange stuff!  So it may look like traditional play doh, but it feels completely different -however it’s just as good, if not better, at being moulded.

With shaping moulds and a bit of innovation, Moon Dough is incredibly adaptable.  I’ve been sent three Moon Dough sets from UKMums.TV, which comprise of a Moon Dough Magic Zoo, Moon Dough Ice-Cream and last but not least, Moon Dough Bunnies.  Here is what I think of them!

Moon Dough Magic (slightly bizarre) Zoo

The first ‘Zoo’ has moulds for animals and also includes moulds for a fence, and a wierd little contraption that brings the animal moulds to ‘life’ (this little contraption caused no end of hilarity amongst us grown ups, frankly it looks downright rude).

Im saying nuffink....

It’s actually quite a complicated set up, and one which I had to help out with.  Darlek wouldn’t have been able to work it out herself.  First step was to stick on the stickers so that the zoo looked like a zoo – lion behind bars, a couple of geckos scaling the walls etc.  The zoo was fixed onto a base to stop it from falling over, the fun squidging and moulding bit started.  Darlek filled the fence mould, pressing hard to make sure it all moulded correctly and then with a flex and a light tap a perfectly shaped and textured little fence fell onto the table.

We found the next bit a little more confusing.  You have to stuff a plastic barrel with an animal mould in, with moon dough and then mount it at the top of the entranceto the zoo, by clipping it into place (which was a bit fiddly).  Next step was to place the little walking rude looking thing at the bottom a certain way round (If you put it the wrong way round it didn’t work).  Finally you have to wind the handle at the top and lower the barrel onto the contraption thingy which is automatically wound up in the process.

Zombie bear?

When the barrel reaches the bottom, it opens and out wobbles a Moon Dough animal mounted (ahem!) on the walking thing.  It does work approximately and the animals don’t fall over much.  They do look a bit odd if the barrel hasn’t been stuffed with enough Moon Dough in the first place though, sort of zombie animals with ears or facial features missing.  Child friendly stuff!  (which it is really, it’s only me who notices such things I’m sure)

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream or Moon Dough apparently

The next one I reviewed was the Moon Dough Ice-Cream. A brilliant, if slightly over ambitious idea.  You stuff Moon Dough into the moulds on the top bit, wind a handle and then fruit shapes pop out at the bottom – these can be added to the plastic ice-cream cones which you also stuff with Moon Dough as if you were scooping real ice-cream.  Unfortunately the umbrella stand at the top of the ice-cream cart snapped very soon after we began playing with it, but that could simply have just been my daughter being a little rough with it.  We also struggled to get some of the fruit to come out of the cart at times, but maybe it’s a knack we haven’t mastered just yet.

The ice-cream kit and kaboodle!

Lastly we had a go with the Moon Dough Bunnies.  This was definitely my favourite, and Darlek and Sausage agreed. It just seemed a lot more straightforward than the other two sets.  You just bung the Moon Dough into the top, wind it and out pops a Moon Dough Bunny – which you can feed with your Moon Dough carrots or swedes (or whatever those moulds are).  Simple as!  We did have a few issues with not being able to extract the Moon Dough from the vegetable shapes, but with some banging on the table and a bit of effort we managed  to get enough veg to feed our newly formed Moon Dough Bunnies.

Bunny surprise!

Well, that just leaves me to say thanks to UKMumsTV for sending me the Moon Dough to review, the kids enjoyed messing around with it and are already hassling me to get the other Moon Dough sets.  They’re fascinating kits, although maybe a little over complicated for kids at the younger end.  The dough does crumble an awful lot too, which is a shame, as a result we have one huge Moon Dough multi-coloured meteor now, no way could I keep the colours separate. It’s not that different to play doh in that respect at least.

Moon Dough Meteor! Coming to a planet near you soon!


8 responses to “Moon Dough Madness!

  1. If I have to type the word Moon Dough one more time, I think I may be sick…

  2. Oh my days, I got Moon Dough Bunnies through the post today from the lovely @Jo_Bryan’s blog. I have been doing everything I can to resist opening it, because I know a little girl who’ll be 6 soon who will love it.

    But now I want to play with it even more!! ArghhhH!

  3. Love that little wind-up thing. Sure I’ve seen those at hen parties before!

    Actually found this review really useful. I’ve seen Moon Dough in the shops and heard people talking about it, but i didn’t understand what it was exactly. Now I do!

  4. Ohhhh that’s what moon dough is!!! My daughter keeps asking me about it. I have an aversion to play dough….carpets and mess yikes. I guess this would just Hoover up easily.
    Thanks Kay xxx

  5. Ooh! I’d need a bit of amusing russet to get me thru craft time!!! Just the thing I think…

  6. Russet? Sorry autocorrect at work – was supposed to say rudery.

  7. BabyMibs would simply want to eat it lol!

  8. Thank you for such a comprehensive review. I have been dithering on whether or not to buy. We already have moon sand, but moon dough appealed because its suppose to not dry out. Something that drives me potty with playdough and my children’s inability to put lids back on pots.

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