#MagpieMonday Post!

#Magpie Monday!!

Me and My Shadow

Finally I have a bargain to share!  We went to our first carboot of the year yesterday at Clitheroe and I found a Graco pushchair for £3!!  It is definitely on its last legs/wheels/whatever, but it’ll do for us – it only has to last about another 6 months or so, if that.  I just need one for Sausage as we do sometimes walk a bit too far for his little legs.  He’s also been having horrendous temper tantrums and specialises in flailing around on the pavement so I needed something to strap him into in times of absolute meltdown.

The last pushchair has gone to pushchair heaven now.  The Clutterfairy would have been proud of me, I think I was very restrained yesterday, just the above item and a couple of random beads and an abalonie (approx spelling) necklace.  I’d post the pics, but I have to put dinner on.  Anyway, this is the item that I’m most proud of.

Needs a wash, and a general clean, but hey for 3 squid I can’t complain!

To get into the carboot it only costs £1 per person, and if you get there early you can find some absolute gems.

It's got 4 wheels and goes, that's all I'm bothered about. Sausage was lucky I didn't shove him in shopping trolley.


5 responses to “#MagpieMonday Post!

  1. Very proud of how restrained you were. Mind you after seeing that hill you live on I’m not surprised your old pushchair was on it’s last legs!

  2. oooh kay you cant go wrong for 3 quid grt buy x

  3. Elaine Livingstone

    yes can see it now ( yes been there and done this) toddler is flailing on pavement, mummy picks up to put in buggy, child goes rigid and refuses point blank to bend in the middle so that you can do them up in the buggy, so mum forces child into buggy with knee to free up her hands to enable her to strap in said stroppy toddler, who is now screaming really loudly……..thank goodness mine are past that stage…

  4. This buy was triggered by an absolutely massive meltdown in the town centre the other day, he was crawling up and down the pavement, screaming and crying, kicking his wellies off, in the puddles, wailing – for about 25 minutes!!! He’s old enough to walk, but I need some kind of back up for when he goes nuts. (this particular strop was because he didn’t get to press the button on the pelican crossing……gimme strength!)

  5. £3? £3? OMG, what a bargain. I think I might have bought it for that price even if I didn’t have a small child to go in it. Would have been useful to cart all my bargains around in!

    Thanks so much for linking up. Sorry to hear about Sausage’s strops. Nightmare isn’t it – especially in public! Sometimes I want to walk away from R and pretend she’s not mine! x

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