Yellow Moon Easter Craft Kits!

Yellow Moon Craft Easter Craft Kits.

Before you start reading this, I’d advise you go and get a cup of tea and a biscuit.  This is an Easter Craft marathon!  It certainly felt like one this weekend!!  UKMums.TV are featuring this on their site later today, feel free to bob over there too!

Porcelain Egg Cups

You can’t get a craft that is much more seasonal than these!  Egg cups for Easter!

These are exactly what they say on the packet, so to speak.  They are plain white porcelain egg cups – ready for decorating.

Both my kids, aged nearly 3 years old and 6 years old, thought they were fun and spent quite a while sticking things on them, using felt tips and tying little bits of ribbon/string around the base.  Sausage is too young to really appreciate how a bit of effort makes a difference, so he just scrawled pink felt tip all over his as quickly as possible, although he did spend a while selecting penguin stickers to stick on the side and shouting ‘Nook Nook!’

Darlek spent a while longer on hers, drawing squiggles and sticking on stickers.  To be absolutely honest, I think paint might have looked more effective, but it was a busy afternoon and the less cleaning up I had to do the better – hence the stickers.

I’ve heard it said that kids are more likely to eat food that they’ve helped cook themselves, I wonder whether they’re more likely to try food that’s presented in egg cups that they’ve decorated themselves too?  Neither of my two will eat boiled eggs, perhaps this might be the one thing that will change their mind.

Craft your own Easter Themed Picture Frames

Darlek was really excited about these, she loves colouring in and especially card making.   The finished decorated picture frames will be sent off to friends and relatives for birthdays I think, once Darlek has decided which pictures / photographs to put in them.

They are in essence simply a set of templated card photograph frames, with a few different illustrations to colour in.   Personally I wasn’t that impressed with them when I got them out of the packet, they seemed a little flimsy and like something you could maybe cut out yourself (obviously adding the illustrations might prove a little tricky if you’re not the arty type – which I’m not) but Darlek absolutely loved them nonetheless.

The colouring in isn’t too detailed, and is simple enough for a six year old to complete; I never once heard the lines ‘Mum (insert whiney tone), can you do it instead?’ so it was perfect for her age and abilities.   For the sake of a few pounds I still think they’re actually worth buying despite my initial impressions – they certainly kept my daughter occupied.

Chick n’ Bunny Hand Puppet Sewing Kits

These puppet kits were an absolute hit!  In fact I’d say they were a clear favourite with both of my two budding crafters.  There are two designs, easter bunny or easter chick, and they come with instructions and all the equipment necessary to make them – this includes wool of appropriate length, a plastic needle (Nice, safe and not sharp at all!), two fabric shapes to sew together, and various felt shapes to stick onto the fabric.

Can you tell what it is yet? (Rolph Harriss stylee)

I made the mistake of starting this project whilst making tea, something I would not recommend to anyone – make sure you have a spare undisturbed  hour if you’re going to do these properly.  These puppets do take a bit of time and explanation, especially to two very excitable kids. Darlek was convinced that she could do it all without any help at all, and Sausage simply wanted to pull everything in bits and chuck it around the living room.  They opened all the packets at once, and it was a bit difficult to make sense of all the scattered pieces.  That was my fault though, and no reflection on the packaging.  Lesson learnt!

Once order was restored and dinner in the oven, we began sewing the edges, which was reasonably easy for Darlek, although she did get a little frustrated with the occassional knot or tangled stitch.  Sausage loved the idea of sewing, but was completely incapable of it, which is no surprise really.  For him, I simply put the needle through the holes and he dragged the wool through by walking away holding the needle until the length gave out.  He did this for a while, until he got bored and announced ‘I already did it’ so I finished the rest of the stitching for him.

It's a Quacker!

Darlek was far more determined and sewed nearly all of it herself, so once again, I think this craft project is perfect for a child of her age.  Both kids enjoyed sticking the features onto the cute Easter characters, and had a laugh wandering around the living room playing with the puppets and doing silly voices for them.

I have only one small constructive criticism.  Not all the felt features had sticky backs on them, so I had to go and dig out some double sided sticky tape (couldn’t find any glue) to stick a couple of them on.  Just a minor moan.  Overall the puppets were interesting to make and fun to play with afterwards.  They’re brightly coloured, eye catching, don’t take too long to make and are well worth purchasing. The kids absolutely loved them and of all the craft projects will probably prove to last the longest.

Easter Baskets

These Easter basket templates come flat packed and in pastille pink, blue and yellow, and are very easily assembled.  Four folds and they’re basket shaped!  Darlek got the hang of this immediately and made all 12 of them.  Sausage thought they were fabulous too, and showed his enthusiasm by ripping the handles off two of them.  As with the photoframes I think stronger card might be a good idea….  The colours are nice, but they do look a  bit plain, having said that I think that’s just down to personal choice.  I’d have loved a rainbow of colours for the kids to choose from, but I suppose that would have pushed the price up further.

The Lesser-Known-Easter Sheep!

As with the photoframes and the egg cups, these are as good as the effort that goes into them.  I think these would look great with sequins and feathers stuck on them, or with ribbons tied to the handles.  Darlek didn’t want to do that, and not wanting to crush her creativity I let her get on with it – so we have intricate drawings of a sheep instead – an Easter Sheep of course (the lesser known cousin of the Easter Bunny.)

I quite liked these and I imagine they could look really amazing with the right decoration, piled up with little jewel coloured easter eggs.  If anyone is planning an Easter family get together I think these would make great little party bags for the kids to go home with.


Sausage, Darlek and I have all been kept very happily occupied with all these Easter Crafts, for quite some considerable time.  I do think that some of these crafts could be found on the internet and simply downloaded as templates for little or no cost, but that involves effort and when they’re all there on the Yellow Moon Craft website, are relatively cheap and very accessible, I don’t think anyone could be blamed for taking the easy option and buying them en masse.

For very little outlay you have enough craft to occupy a number of children for a good few hours.  If you have little bundles of energy to occupy over the Easter holidays or family do’s I’d definitely recommend investing in a packet of stuff from Yellow Moon Craft, it’ll keep them quiet and give you more time to eat posh chocolates in peace in the other room ;o) (Lazy Mum alert!!!)


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