The Clutter Fairy works her magic!

The Clutter Fairy works her magic!

I’d seen the ‘Clutterfairy’ on Twitter under the username @ClutterFairyUk and was immediately drawn to the name.  I imagined someone sat in front of their PC dressed in a pink taffetta tutu, a username can paint pictures very vividly.  My impressions turned out to be very wrong (Lesley does not wear a tutu) but her impressions of me (AKA ‘Chaoskay’) and our home were probably pretty accurate.  It makes me chuckle that the first bit of interaction we had on Twitter involved me simply tweeting ‘Help!’ and nothing else.  I was having a bad day, and was buried in bank statements and random bits of paper – I’d been trying to sort them out, and in the process had got distracted (as I always do) and had spotted her name, without even knowing what she did for a job – hence the desperate tweet.  Luckily the Clutterfairy (AKA Lesley) rightly assumed I was struggling with clutter and that I wasn’t simply shouting ‘Help!’ at random strangers for fun, and gave me practical advice on the subject of filing paperwork.  It struck me at the time, that Lesley was very helpful and approachable, and seemed to be  knowledgeable about my nemesis, Clutter.

Spring arrived, and I began yearning for space, and calm and organisation, as I usually do at this time of year.  As the birds began nesting, the sun began shining every now and then, and the month of March progressed I felt like I wanted to Spring clean!  The problem is many of the rooms at this house are full of scattered ‘things’ and ‘stuff’ and ‘boxes-of-stuff’ and ‘wires’ and ‘things-that-don’t-live-anywhere’.  It drives me mad, but I never feel capable of doing anything about it.  I’m just naturally crap at organising myself or anything else if I’m being honest. So, I could not Spring Clean for fear of tripping over things and getting annoyed at Clutter.  It’s funny, when I type that it sounds as if we have another entity living at our house – ie, me, Horace, Darlek, Sausage, Kitty and Clutter.  One big, happy, tripping over, generally harassed with Clutter household.  I’m not saying I’m lazy when it comes to tidying up, I’m just borderline incapable of picking up after myself.  Unfortunately the rest of the Brink of Bedlam household is about the same.  We do try!!  See previous blog here  – A Cluttery Allegory!

Chaotic Corner!

At that point I remembered the Clutterfairy and revisited her site, which you can find here if you’re interested.  THE CLUTTERFAIRY WEBSITE. Her logo struck me ‘Turn Chaos into Calm’ and I wondered if it really were possible…….and so the ClutterFairy tale begins!

Piles on piles of clutter.

The Clutterfairy arrived at my house last week, to a scene of casual destruction and disorganisation.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, although I was a bit worried that I’d feel bullied into getting rid of things I didn’t want to – and I was also concerned that faced with an highly organised kind of person, I’d feel intimidated.  As it was, she arrived wearing jeans, a T’shirt and a friendly smile.  I was very relieved!  We spent about half an hour chatting about what I wanted to do with the room that was going to be decluttered, about how it would all work, and generally broke the ice. We’d already spoken on the phone prior to the visit too, and by the end of the half an hour I knew I felt comfortable letting a ClutterFairy loose on our home.  Lesley is disarming and I would definitely say a ‘people-person’, I was impressed by the way she seemed to size up our home and our need for space and organisation, whilst putting me at my ease.

We agreed we’d tackle one room that day, and Lesley began to work her magic.  Four collapsible boxes were assembled and plonked in the middle of the room, into which we placed important documents, things to be moved into another room, things to be dealt with (ie, fixed for example); a selection of different coloured bags were used for confidential waste (for me to dispose of later) and so it progressed.  Scattered paperwork was pinned down and allocated a pile to begin with, and then we moved onto what I can only describe as space optimisation – moving things around so that they fitted into the room in a neater, more organised manner.

The first step - boxes to contain Clutter

The next task was to actually try and cut down on the clutter – if you look carefully at the first cluttered picture you’ll notice a number of books lined up next to the gas fire, they’re my treasured cookbooks.  Lesley very carefully questioned whether I needed them all.  One by one we ascertained whether I actually used them or not, and would I be likely to use them in the future.  Even though I was adamant at first that I wanted to keep them all, I still managed to clear out one or two of them, making just a little bit more room. I did lie and say I made lots of smoothies so I could keep my Smoothie cook book though, sorry Lesley!

What I thought was really impressive, was that even though Lesley was obviously working hard to put order back into chaos, she found time to chat about her methods so I could understand what she was doing and why she was doing it.  The psychology of organisation you might say.  I’ve learnt that I should make an effort to allocate a short time of day (even maybe using a timer) where I try to sort out a corner, or a drawer – that I should try to sort my incoming mail immediately which would help cut down on the paper drifts and other useful hints and tips I hope I can put into practise.

Sausage wasn’t in nursery on that day, and helped out in his own special way, ie, he ate Lesley’s crisps and generally jabbered to her about Star Wars.  After she left we noticed him picking things up and putting them down elsewhere and saying ‘Put that there, put that there’ over and over again.  He certainly learnt a few new tricks.

An organised and optimised corner!

Clutter completely banished! (Pls ignore the attention seeking orange pot)

So, the day ended, and we stood back and I looked at the room afresh.  The room was clear, the sides weren’t bulging with things falling off them, the shelves were organised, the computer desk was clear, the sewing table didn’t have buttons and threads piled all over it – it looked lovely, it looked clutter free, it looked like a room in somebody else’s house!

All in all I was overjoyed with it all.  The magical Clutterfairy had waved her magic wand (by way of hard work and organisation) and my scratty room had been transformed into a computer / craft room, as I imagined it to be.   I’ve been trying and failing to achieve this for months on end.  Lesley is excellent at what she does!

I know you might think that surely if I’d taken my time I could have achieved this myself – possibly you think that anyone who pays someone to do this is maybe lazy – well, the fact is, if you’re thinking that, then you’re probably organised already and maybe you could, and possibly you have more time and a less obstinate husband than mine.  Horace was not keen on having his clutter organised, just sayin!  Someone like me, who is genetically conditioned to cause mess, or naturally rubbish at organising drunken brawls in brewerys just can’t.  Simple as!  Lesley’s skills are invaluable for people like me, and I’d recommend her services to anyone.  This is a sponsored post, but that is my honest opinion.  I think a visit from the ClutterFairy is an investment in your sanity, if  you are harassed with Clutter and the accompanying annoyances.

The ClutterFairy is based in Manchester and surrounding areas, and if you’re interested in finding out more about Lesley and what she does, this is a link to her website: THE CLUTTERFAIRY. Her username on Twitter is @ClutterFairyUK and I’m sure she’d love to talk to anyone with an interest in organising their home (and she’s generally nice to talk to, even if you’re organised enough already).

I’m not posting a picture of the ClutterFairy so that the aura of magic and mystery remains.  (Actually I lied about the jeans and T’shirt….Lesley arrived in a bright green tutu, sparkly leotard, spangly silver tights, and she wore a tiara with matching wand – apparently this is standard Clutter Fairy uniform). ;O)


5 responses to “The Clutter Fairy works her magic!

  1. The Cluttery Fairy needs some little elves down south! This echoes my house almost perfectly. I need help too!!

    Great post. x

  2. Fab post Kay….I do projects like this better with company, sometimes you just need someone to push you into making a decision and question you. Made a real difference too, brilliant job clutter fairy!

  3. Thanks to house diet for mentioning APDO. There are professional organisers and declutterers all over the uk especially in the south. Kay is a very typical client – overwhelmed and not sure where to start. Life’s too short – call in the professionals! You won’t regret it. Thanks to @chaoskay for a brilliant blog.

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