My Mother’s Day Poems

We didn’t do anything really special for Mother’s Day, I don’t like to make a fuss about it – but my wonderful little girl did go to the trouble of writing two poems, without any help from anyone else.  I just want to record them now, so that I can cling onto the cute 6 year old sentiment and look back on it fondly when she’s a stroppy 16 year old who is too embarrassed to spend time with her mother.    I’ve inserted ‘Darlek’ in the bit where she wrote her name, obviously she’s not writing about growing Darleks.  That’d be Dr Who territory.  Anyway!  I’ve left all the spelling mistakes in because they add character, but will translate underneath.

happy sun loaw happy sun hiy

happy sun make my Darlek grow

Translated as: Happy sun low, Happy sun high, Happy sun make my Darlek grow.

And then she wrote another one which is just beautiful if you ask me.  Instead of spaces between the words, Darlek drew little individual flowers.  So I have a poem and a flower meadow on a page.  What more could a mother want!

my mum is jus rit

she tiid my room and

she tai me to scool

and she maikcs my dinerr

and she plais wiv me

and she helps me wiv my hoawerck

and she pust me ta Bed

and she macks baisluts fo me

she is soo lucke to hav me.

Translated as: ‘My mum is just right, she tidies my room and she takes me to school and she makes my dinner, and she plays with me and she helps me with my homework, and she puts me to bed and she makes bracelets for me.  She is so lucky to have me.’

Sausage proudly brought a card home from nursery.  It had a cut out footprint in green, with a cut out hand print  in blue stuck at the top of it.  I think the foot bit was meant to look like a flower stalk and the hand was meant to be the flower – if I’m being honest it makes it look a bit like a foot with wierd jointed long toes, but that’s by the by! There’s a poem cut out and stuck in the middle of it that says:

‘Sometimes you get discouraged

because I am so small

And leave my little fingerprints

On furniture and walls.

But every day I’m growing

And soon will be so tall

That all these little fingerprints

Will be difficult to recall.

So here’s a little handprint

that you can put away.

So you will know how my fingers looked

on this special day.’

Darlek's paint covered hands.

Sausage's little pudgy fingers (with glittery eye liner used as nail varnish when I wasn't looking)

The last line of Darlek’s poem sums it all up perfectly for me.   I am ‘so lucke’ to have my gorgeous girl and my beautiful boy.  Life is sweet! :O)


3 responses to “My Mother’s Day Poems

  1. Elaine Livingstone

    how lovely especially Darlek who made hers up all by herself, and I love the last line!!

    I still have a similar poem done by younger son when he was at playgroup and he will be 26 this yr!!

    Mad? Sentimental? no just a mother.

    Grandaughter wrote me a postit note few weeks back saying I llove my grandma, she is brilliant…what more may I add

  2. I love the first poem by D especially! You can tell she really enjoys words … just like her mum!

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