Glass Germinator and Seeds – Growing Food from Scratch!

Germinator Jar with Organic Sprouting Mix – Growing food from Scratch!

Healthy Supplies were kind enough to send me a Glass Germinator and some organic sprouting mix – which consisted of a seed mix including Mung Beans, Alfafa Seeds, Aduki Beans, Chick Peas and Green lentils.

I thought it would be a fabulous way of illustrating how things grow, the idea was that the kids would be involved in the whole process and would get to eat the fruits (shoots and sprouts) of their labour afterwards.

Both kids were very excited.  They’d been bought a couple of growing projects at Christmas and despite my best efforts, both had failed.  They’re a bit too young to remember to water things and fuss over growing delicate seeds, and frankly I find that I’m too lame to remember on their behalf.  So this was my second and hopefully more successful attempt at enthusing them about home grown foods.  Surely this was foolproof?

This is the kit we had to work with.  I was particularly amused by the Glass Germinator with the posh handle. You could put it upright, lie it on its side at a jaunty angle, turn it upside down – its a very posh jam jar in essence.  The kids were far more interested in it than they would have been, had it been your average ordinary jam jar.  You see I quickly realised that you could just as easily use a jam jar with some linen over the top with an elastic band to secure it – but the whole idea is to get the kids interested, and as always gimmicks help!

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Darlek rinsed a packet of the seeds as it says to on the instructions and then we piled them all into the jam jar. At that point I realised we were only supposed to use a small amount of the seeds/beans, not all of them – so we tipped a load out and tried to dry them as best we could. I feared that we’d end up with a jungle if the whole lot germinated at once. Thankfully they dried out ok, and we just had a Germinator jar full to deal with in the end.

Sausage loved playing with the seeds but I was a little concerned that he’d get his hands stuck, good to see him enjoying the activity though!

After we’d rinsed the seeds, twice a day for five days (I realise now I should have waited longer, we ended up with a Glass Germinator full of what I’d class as tasty sprouts.  I love snacking on foods like these, unfortunately both kids wrinkled their noses and spat them out, charming!!  After all that effort as well!  They did enjoy watching the sprouts grow from tiny seeds into wriggly little sprouting plants though – which was the point of the whole exercise though, so mission accomplished!

If you’d like to have a go at this activity, you can find the germinator jar here for £4.30 – A.VOGEL BIOSNACKY ORIGINAL GLASS GERMINATOR

And you can purchase seeds here (although there’s a million and one seed variations) These are just the ones we chose.  BASIC ORGANICS – JUST WHOLEFOODS – ORGANIC SPROUTING MIX


One response to “Glass Germinator and Seeds – Growing Food from Scratch!

  1. Elaine Livingstone

    nice to see the kids learnt something, and that they enjoyed growing them regardless of the slight hiccup. Think its nice for them to realise food is grown and it doesnt just turn up in supermarkets in bags.

    I was doing the same this morning (oddly enough) with my grandson Bob if you want to go and look please feel free.

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