Healthy Supplies and an ‘Ombar’

Healthy Supplies ‘Ombar’

Blogging has its advantages, one of which is that I’m ocassionally sent things to try out – and although the link between parenting and chocolate is probably a little shakey, and this could be classed as off topic – I beg to differ!  When everything goes to pot, when the kids are screaming, when I find out Darlek has painted her nose bright red with nail varnish (comic relief), when Sausage has decorated the bathroom wall again…..when it’s all a bit crap, chocolate is often my solace.  I suspect I’m not on my own with that either.

Location, climbing up the bathroom walls.

So Healthy Supplies are currently very popular with me at the moment!  I’d say they are my new best buds, in that they sent me some free chocolate.  (This is one of those sponsored posts I mentioned).  As always, this is a truthful post, so you can rely on me to tell it how it is though, and Healthy Supplies are well aware of that.  I’m just as capable of saying ‘Ew’ that’s awful, as saying ‘that’s good stuff, that is!’  I’m happy to promote them as they have a massive website stocked with ‘Healthy Supplies’ funnily enough, and the more of that kind of thing that’s on the market, the better I’d say!

I don’t drive, struggle to get about and live out in the sticks.  If I want particular spices or flours, or even the aforementioned slightly-different-to-the-usual chocolate I find it very difficult to get hold of unless I go trekking on buses with bags and pushchairs.  Shops like these are brilliant because they send the stuff straight to you, minimum hassle!  So, I’m going to be using a few of their ingredients / products in random adventures in cookery blogs, and here and there.  They have a massive, very professionally designed website, complete with recipes, health information, forums, dietary information.  If you’re looking for healthy food resources, Healthy Supplies is well worth a wander around.  I’m very pleased to have found them.  We have one tiny health food shop in our market in town, and it never seems to have what I’m looking for.  Healthy Supplies couldn’t be more different!

Anyway, where was I?  Chocolate.  The ‘Ombar’ or the ‘Omnomnomnom’ bar as I called it.  I’m not going to pretend I’m a chocolate expert with exquisite tastebuds, I just know what I like – and I actually liked this chocolate. In fact I’d go to say I really liked it.  Generally I’m not a fan of dark chocolate so I wasn’t sure how I’d find this, but it wasn’t too cloying and sharp at the back of my throat as I’ve found other dark chocolate to be.  It had a hint of coconut and vanilla that wasn’t all pervading or intrusive, and it added to the bitter sweetness very nicely.  And, shock / horror.  It’s healthy stuff too! Apparently it’s made at lower temperatures to retain the natural goodness of the ingredients, it’s organic and contains no added sugar or additives.  Genuinely good stuff and I suspect a not more nutritious than your average bar!  Delivery is at ‘cost price’ so you’re only paying for what you order, no hidden costs. So not a bad purchase if you’re after something indulgent, and yet good for you.  A rare combination!

This is a link to Healthy Supplies website if you’d like to explore their products further, and you can find them on Twitter under the name @HealthySupplies.  They have a lot of products that are gluten free and suitable for people with allergies (might be useful for you Elaine!)

Unwrapped and alluring!

The Omnomnomnombar of chocolate.


5 responses to “Healthy Supplies and an ‘Ombar’

  1. Elaine Livingstone

    Am off for a rake around, always needing stuff for Connor, as well as myself.
    I do like dark chocolate as cant eat ordinary stuff, but probiotic chocolate …taking things a bit far me thinks….lol

  2. Well, the probiotics didn’t taste of anything so that was a relief. I thought it was going to be yoghurt flavoured or something equally wierd – but no!

    Genuinely massive site with a load of resources, I should imagine it’ll be really useful for people with allergies, and for people like me who can’t get to places to buy things.

  3. :O Healthy chocolate??? I must get me some of this!

  4. Thank you, I will be trying this website out. I have just started to eat dark chocolate, mainly because you can not eat as much as you would with the milk chocolate, the diet.

  5. I agree completely. Dark chocolate is easier to savour, as opposed to milk chocolate which I simply wolf down. Best of luck with your diet, Angie. x

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