Kids N’ Cooking Courtesy of Elaine

Kids N’ Cooking Courtesy of Elaine – Simple Cookie Recipe Part Deux!

My lovely friend Elaine commented on my last Delicious Simple Cookie recipe, and said she was going to have go at making them with her grandkids, with gluten free flour and soya margarine instead of the usual plain flour and butter.   It seems that this recipe works fine either way, and here are Elaine’s photos to prove it.  Please note the fabulous hats and pinnys!    I think I may have to invest in some for my two, they make them look very cute, like little professional chefs!  (where did you get them from?!) If anyone would like to try the recipe, just follow this link, wash hands, brace yourself for flour fights and off you go! Link to recipe is here.

Grandson looking proud in his new pinny!

Concentrating on greasing the tray.

Concentrating on greasing the tray.

Shaping the biscuits...ha-ha!

Granddaughter with her chocolate flavour cookies

Many thanks to Elaine for sending the photos in, and for actually having a go at making them.   It’s lovely to see you all having such a laugh whilst cooking!  If anyone does ever want to send photos in of their kids having a go at any of the craft or cookery stuff I post, please do just DM me or email me with the details and I’ll be very happy to include them. :O)


3 responses to “Kids N’ Cooking Courtesy of Elaine

  1. Elaine Livingstone

    thanks for posting Kay, always enjoyed baking with my kids and now grandkids but it is so difficult with grandson because of his severe food allergies and intolerances. It is difficult to find wheat, gluten, egg, and dairy free recipes with all ingredients made in a nut free factory ( and they must be all of the above not just one). If there is anybody out there that produces this sort of stuff they want testing and blogging on please feel free and contact me Im sure the three of us will happily put it to the test.
    lol at the shaping bit – grandson decided it was easier to squash them flat between his hands and then peel the ingredients off his fingers then flatten them on the tray – but adds to the enjoyment of the bake, and the novelty of the biscuits.
    the pinny came from a swap with a fellow comping friend at work, she had won this baking set with all sorts in so I swapped with a prize I had won.

  2. Funny you should say that Elaine, I’m working with a fantastic company called Healthy Supplies that has a vast range of flours, herbs, spices and various other food related stuff, some of which would probably suit you well, allergies and all. I’ll post a link on next blog :O)

  3. Elaine Livingstone

    thanks Kay much appreciated

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