The Little Green Paintbox – Patchwork Elephant Craft Project

The Little Green Paintbrush Patchwork Elephant Craft Project

My kids were particularly bored one afternoon and I needed to do something / anything with them – so we decided to make an elephant!

I’d seen this on @Tlgpaintbox’s blog and thought it looked simple, fun and effective so off we went!  This is what the the elephant looked like on their website.

This is how it should have looked...

We used:

*Half a plastic milk carton

*Flour and water gloopy sticky paste

*Two different types of paper

*Sticky sparkly paper


Chop empty milk carton in half (I did rinse this out first, it just doesn't look like it)

Half milk carton, paper to rip up and stick on and a bowl of water and flour to throw on the floor (and to stick with)

After cutting the milk carton in half  (making sure the bottom wasn’t sharp enough to cut small hands) I found various bits of paper to rip up into small pieces and put together a bowl of flour and water which made a nice gluey paste.

I explained to Sausage that he needed to rip up the paper into reasonably small pieces (about an inch diameter) and dip them in the bowl, so obviously he got massive wadges of paper and dumped them all unceremoniously into the bowl.  It wasn’t a case of having glue on just one side of the paper, it was all over it, and all over him and the floor by the end of this.  I did not put a mat on the floor and thoroughly regretted not doing so…

'I said small pieces!!!'

Everything was very sticky then, so stuck perfectly to the half milk carton and to hands and the table.

Not looking very 'elephanty' so far, but a work in progress!

Eventually the half carton was covered in gluey stuff and paper, Sausage was very proud of it.  Here it is sat drying and looking a little bit more elephant like, although the excessive glue does make it look like it has been doused in runny cake icing.

A hefalump to be proud of!

Darlek was very impressed with Sausage’s creation and decided to add to it.  With sparkly, reflective, sticky paper.  At this point the hefalump ceased looking even remotely like its famous patchwork hefalump counterpart.  It became ‘Disco Hefalump’ or more precisely ‘Disco Lump!’ because it no longer even looked like an elephant at all if I’m being honest.  Despite this both kids had fun making it and think it’s brilliant, which is the whole point really isn’t it. I think it’s a fun little craft project and I’d recommend having a go, although I’d say going easy on the gloop and the luminous sparkly paper might be a good idea if you want something elephant like at the end of it.  Personally we’re happy with our creation anyway! :O)

Disco Lump! John Travolta, you've got competition!

This isn’t a sponsored post, this is simply because @Tlgpaintbox are a lovely family friendly company who I’ve chatted to a little, they make fantastic environmentally friendly products and I’m happy to support them and direct people their way – they’re nice!  I’d definitely recommend having a look around their site, or at least at some of their activity blogs.  Here’s a link if you’d like to have a nosey at THE LITTLE GREEN PAINTBOX website.


2 responses to “The Little Green Paintbox – Patchwork Elephant Craft Project

  1. Oh, brilliant! I think they can see disco a thump on the moon!!!

  2. Oh fab!!

    We made one too, it’s a really lovely eco craft to do isn’t it.

    Keep meaning to get round to writing up about it, but we’re off to an Elmer event at the library in a couple of weeks so I think I’ll combine it with that!

    Love the disco look x

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