Brace yourselves…

Brace yourselves

(and no I’m not pregnant again)

I’m doing some mucking about with the blog so there may be some odd posts here and there – what’s unusual about that I hear you say!

No, really, I’ve decided to change some of the settings and generally attempt to give myself a really bad headache whilst doing tecchie stuff.  Horace is a programmer and can do all this stuff with his eyes closed, but I’m not asking him for help cos that’s akin to asking him for a divorce.  The blog would not benefit and our marriage would suffer.  You see I’m very bad at taking instructions, and get very aggravated; usually I end up shouting ‘I already did that!’ ‘You’ve already told me that’ and ‘Gerroff the keyboard, it’s MINE!!”  So I’m going solo.

Please just ignore me if I start sending out blank posts or if strange tabs or bits of html turn up on the page, it’s particularly important to ignore me if I start typing IN CAPITAL LETTERS on Twitter by the way.  I may rant if it all gets too much.  I’m hoping this isn’t blog suicide (blogicide?) and that I still have my posts and sanity at the end of all this.

To explain why this is such a big deal for me, pls note… maybe hard to spot them, but I’ve actually added ‘Badges’ to a couple of my blogs – namely Magpie Monday and Handmade Thursday, and I added a TOTS100 badge and a teeny badge showing the number of my Twitter followers to the sidebar on my front page.  This quite literally took me from 11am till 2.30pm, with a break for lunch.  Ridiculous but true.  These things are actually very simple when you know how.  I didn’t know how and had to sweat blood to get them done.

Anyway, I’m not one to be beaten so, bring on the HTML and the tabs and the linky things, and swirly sparkly posh backgrounds!  (and the crap formatting probably!)  I intend to drink wine this evening, which I’m sure will help lots. (maybe)


2 responses to “Brace yourselves…

  1. That made me laugh… I went through the same process and the Bear is an academic in computer science! I have spent hours prodding and poking at my blog and refusing to ask for help. Keep going – there’s nothing that can really go wrong if you keep saving as you go. It’s all looking great!

  2. That’s lovely Wendy, thanks. Very encouraging! I’ve hit a bit of a brick wall at the moment, but will resume mucking about shortly I think. Thanks for dropping by and it’s nice to meet you! :O)

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