How do you perceive the Brink of Bedlam?

How do you perceive the Brink of Bedlam? – a one word ‘meme’.

My good friend Missielizzieb from the ‘Me and My Shadow’ blog tagged me with this meme.  Now if you’re not a blogger or someone who spends half their waking hours on Twitter, you won’t understand what on earth I’m talking about.  Let me enlighten you!  Basically it means one blogger suggests a topic to another blogger, and they pass it on to other bloggers. Call it a chain blog if you like, on a similar theme to chain emails – although they’re nice, not like the daft chain emails where they say you have to immediately forward the host (is that the word?) email to a billion of your mates or you’ll get eaten by a dragon at 3am.

This ‘meme’ was actually passed onto me with the title ‘How do you perceive me?’ but I cannot bring myself to put my neck on the block and ask anyone that question.  I am far too sensetive and I fear it might push me over the edge, which I am teetering on at the best of times.  Besides, I’m not sure how well anyone can actually know me simply through this blog and my random tweets on subjects such as ‘I’ve got a cold again’ (posted approx 20 times over the last 2 years), ‘I neeeeed to get out of the house’ (posted every single Friday night) and ‘I’ve lost my goddam Visa’ (posted every couple of months).

Sausage & Darlek built this, they said it was a rocket. You simply can't say this blog lacks imagination.


I suppose if anyone who reads this actually knows me in the real world they might have similar indepth glimpses into my personality through my daily conversations, namely ‘It’s a bit cold again isn’t it?’ (grimaces and zips up furry cardigan) and ‘God, I can’t be arsed to clean the bathroom’ and my all time favourite ‘Sausage has just been sick again’ (my son pukes for fun, I swear!).  Anyway, my sister reads this, and I’m not giving her the chance to publicly wreak her revenge for all those awful big sister things I’ve said and done throughout the years.  I hate to think what she’d put….I doubt she’d be able to stick to one word and would probably post “Kay pulled the wings off my pink fairy My Little Pony when I was 7 – ‘Bitch'” so I’m just not going to give her that opportunity.  My Mother-in-Law also reads this and might post a gem such as ‘Kay always uses all the loo roll when she comes to visit ‘Annoying'”, so once again I’m not willing to take the risk.  This meme is restricted to opinions on the Brink of Bedlam, so there!

So, if it’s ok with you, I’d really appreciate a little feedback, be it positive or negative.  The only thing I do ask, is that if you post something negative, it has to be backed up with a constructive comment too.  How can I improve things?  (use less brackets and dots for example………)

All you have to do leave one word in the comments box below, that describes your opinion of this little bloggy of mine.  It is my other baby (apart from my two lovely kids and my furry baby (the cat), so please do be kind. And if you can’t be kind or constructive, don’t bother.  It’s ‘CRAP’ ‘aint going to make it to press.

So, what do you think?


16 responses to “How do you perceive the Brink of Bedlam?

  1. My one word for you is “resilient”. Which I know makes you sound like an old brick LOL but I don’t mean it to. I hope from a few tweets/emails we’ve shared you’ll know what I mean.

    If I could use 2 words it would be “bloody brilliant”.

    Toodle pip x

  2. I really like you Kay, I could write any number of words that describe you or your blog, funny and thought provoking being high on the list.

    However the word I choose is ‘Maverick’ and I love that about you/blog!

  3. Elaine Livingstone

    in general I find your blogs – a bit mental in the nicest way, slightly chaotic ( tends to wander of topic a bit), but think thats just us mums in general have too much on our minds and tend to do this in general every day life, but fun, enlighning as to how your life goes, and human for the fact it lets the rest of us realise that “normal” is “normal”.

  4. Personally, I think your name already sums you up nicely, in the nicest possible way of meaning! Chaoskay! xXx

  5. Lins, thanks very much and yep, I’m still here blogging. I’m determined to stay that way too, even if I do get frustrated with myself and the rest of the world sometimes :O) x

    Amanda, wahey!! I’m a Maverick, lol! A bit of a rubbish one though. I’m all words really you know!’ I just get mardy and shout lots sometimes. Lovely comment though, thank you. ditto. :O) x

    Elaine, now your comment did make me chuckle. Pls do tell me what the topic is cos I sure as hell don’t know. Not Homebase though I suspect, lol! ;O) My MIL once described my daughter as having a ‘butterfly brain’ and she does flit from one thing to another in a second sometimes, I suspect she gets it from me. :O) x

    And MibsXX That’s really sweet. I am what I am, and the blog is what it is too sort of thing. The blog’s name and my name I suppose are very apt, PSML :O) x

  6. Both you and your blog are fabulously unique, so unique is my word, your blog is funny, articulate, interesting and thought provoking at times too.
    Thanks( ? ) for tagging me, I’ll post mine in the morning as it’s already past my bedtime for a school night!
    Keep up with the fab blog and carry on being your fabuulous self.

  7. I’d better avoid “bedlamite” si I’ll go for “screwball”


  8. If I had to use just one word (meanie) it would be “engaging” I absolutely adore honesty & quirkiness . One thing you could perhaps look at is spell check (now don’t get sensative!) No in fact … what am I talking about? I find that engaging too! Don’t change a thing! 🙂

  9. Kevin, I’m ignoring you…..stares accusingly whilst struggling not to smirk.

    Jo, that’s sweet, and highly ironic considering my very on / off job is proofreading, lol! They do say people can’t proofread their own stuff though, and I can only agree. I can look at something a million times that I’ve written and not spot a mistake, yet can spot other mistakes on other people’s work almost instantly. Wierd innit! Glad you like :O)

  10. No (DAMMIT) I can’t do it!!

    I can’t say just one word. Even though I think my word is pretty damned perfect for you.

    You are hilarious, entertaining, warm, caring, sharing, kind, open, honest and I really, really wuv you.

    *Drunken, but heart-felt comment*

  11. Well, I wasn’t expecting that Liz! Beguiling, lol! That’s very sweet of you, and I’ve gone all red and sheepish. I intend to go and get drunken as well now :O)

  12. BTW I meant: Charming; amusing, entertaining, enchanting etc.

    Not any negative connotations it might have! Didn’t mean you were a trickster! Ooops

  13. One word? ME???? Now you’ve got me completely lost for words. But while they are sometimes witty, sometimes moveing and sometimes thought provoking, your posts always remind me of what my own life was like when my kids were small. So it it has to be just one word, that word is


  14. It’s ok Liz, I kind of hoped / presumed you meant the word in a positive way. I did actually google the word cos it’s not one that’s used commonly and I saw the trickster reference too. I can confidently say I am as honest as the day is long (except when it comes to chocolate).

    Thanks Jane, I do like to tell it like it is. :O) You make me laugh, I’m never one for ‘one’ word either, not when 30 will do the job instead.

  15. My one word for your blog is “sanity” – I love it that you describe so succintly family life, not what we see in soaps on TV but what really happens on a daily basis in many UK homes in a way that is both readable and funny. Therefore you bring more than a little bit of positive balance or sanity to our crazy lives, may you long continue to do so!

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