A Cluttery Allegory

A Cluttery Allegory


Horace decided the cupboards needed organising today…..

Today, one too many things fell out of the kitchen cupboard and Horace decided enough was enough, ‘The kitchen needs organisation!’ he announced.  (He has these do’s every now and then, I tend to humour him, grin, bear it and re-disorganise them over a period of weeks afterwards usually).  The thing is, this time, even I had to admit that an invisible line has been crossed – check this lot out!

I am ashamed to say, I was shocked at my bizarre cupboard contents.  I don’t know if you can see, but I had  8 or more bags of random flour – including 4 almost full packets of cornflour (there’s chapati flour on the next picture too – I’ve only ever made chappati’s once, and they were wierd, probably won’t try again, but still, I keep the flour!)   I’d lie and say I bake bread and make gravy and sauces day and night, without sleep or a break EVER, but I suspect you’d look at me sideways and ‘nod’ in a ‘let’s humour the mad middle aged lady having a breakdown’ kind of way. The truth is, some people collect stamps, some people collect coins, I collect bags of flour.  I didn’t even realise how obsessed I’d got until today.  Problem  is, I can’t ever imagine me actually getting through so many bags of the stuff, I don’t use it that often!


Yet more flour and porridge...

There’s also two massive bags of granulated sugar and a glass jar full of the stuff, and at least four other kinds of sugar too (dark brown, demarara, caster sugar, moscovado.  Believe it or not, I try not to use too much sugar because I don’t think it’s healthy and I don’t make many cakes because I have an awful habit of simply eating them immediately afterwards, neither Horace nor I have sugar in our tea or coffee either.  Then there’s a whole jar full porridge oats and another one of jumbo Mornflakes (I think I may temporarily have imagined I’m feeding a ten ton scotsman whilst shopping); an opened bag of prunes that should have been eaten last month, and some healthy nut things that went out of date in Dec 2009.   I’d list more stuff, but I think the excitement might be too much for you. All in all, my chaotic approach to my house, home and life extends to my kitchen cupboards.  I think they’re a great allegory for how I run things around here .

So there you go! I think I need help!!  Which is actually a great introduction to one of my next blogging projects.  Firstly, a lovely lady with the brilliant name ‘The Clutter Fairy’ has agreed to come to my aid.  I think that the temptation to take on a home project with someone nicknamed Chaoskay on a blog called the Brink of Bedlam, was probably too much of an challenge to miss. In the past I’d probably have been too proud to accept help, but as the years have progressed, and the clutter has cluttered every corner of the house, I’ve been driven to distraction – from what I’ve heard the Clutter Fairy works wonders, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to seeing this for myself.  If you’re like me (well, I have to admit, I’m probably one of the worst case scenarios), or a bit like me, you might wonder if this is something worth doing , if it’s worth the cost and the time – couldn’t you just sort things out yourself, you may be wondering?  Well, I’ve tried and failed a million times to bring order to our lives and this sounds like it actually might work to some extent. I’m certainly willing to give it a go.  The process will be blogged and the services thoroughly and honestly reviewed, and I will probably cry when parted from my clutter.  It would be lovely if my readers could be on hand to pass me a sympathetic tissue and a shoulder to weep on when the separation anxiety kicks in.


And this is just one cluttered corner - many more lurk elsewhere...

If you’d like to see what’s in store, feel free to have a look around the Clutter Fairy’s website where everything is explained!  Just click the link below.  The Clutter Fairy can be found on twitter under the username @ClutterFairyUK.  Lesley is friendly, helpful (I harassed her with stupid questions about how long to keep bank statements for a while ago) and obviously very efficient.

This is the Clutter Fairy’s web page address if you’re curious! http://www.clutterfairy.co.uk


11 responses to “A Cluttery Allegory

  1. rofl, would it surprise you to know I am halfway thrpugh the first of my four posts linked to my march blog competition…and it covers household and life clutter!
    Don’t blame hubby, I am sure there IS something in the air springwise every year that brings the need to sort/clean/re-organise!

  2. PS my home is worse than yrs, trust me! xxxxxxxxx

  3. and yrs just looks lived in more than anything, mine truly IS cluttered with broken stuff that MIGHT be useful ONE day!
    Yeah right lol!

  4. How reassuring to see another house that looks like mine, it’s so good to know I’m not the only one! I may have to check out The Clutter Fairy myself, I’ll wait on tenterhooks for your review, if it works for you, I may stand a chance of being helped too!

  5. Don’t worry too much we moved countries in December and lived in temporary self-catering accomodation for three weeks or so waiting for our stuff to catch us up… in that time I was able to build up a collection of packets of dates, stock cubes and various other items in duplicate or even triplicate. No idea how it happens but it just does every time I venture into the supermarket even if I make a list.

  6. Ooh my house looks like this, drives Mr G mad so i shall be checking out the clutterfairy! @goriami

  7. Yay at least I`m not the only one..
    Was wondering earlier if roasting tins and kitchen utensils were breeding in my cupboard… 🙂
    and as for the computer room … stuff is taking over…

  8. *Smiles understandingly and empathetically*. :0)

  9. Hi, I laughed when I saw this picture of the stacks of flour because my house is just like this. Clutter in every corner. I have just had my friend round (miss minimalist) to help me get it under control. I’ve made a start and it really does look so much better already. I’ve chucked out loads of stuff and it was mostly rubbish! What was I keeping it all for. Love the look of your blog and going to read more…

  10. Great blog, Kay, you’re not on your own. Looking forward to getting started!

  11. It’s so reassuring that I’m not the only one that ends up with cupboards like this. I really did start to question my sanity. Who in their right mind ends up with 4 packets of cornflour!!!! Phew! The de-cluttering journey should be an interesting one. Desperately trying to get OH on board with his decaying ‘puters, but he has hoarded them in a corner, put up an electric fence and growls at me every time I go near them…..honest…well, nearly honest. (ish)

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