A Poem by Darlek! – My Little Brother is a Pest

Over the half term Darlek and I went on a special day out to a local town and we sat on a bus for ages.  To while the time away we took a pad and pen.  Darlek decided to compose a poem / story, this was dictated to me, and I wrote it down whilst grinning broadly and thinking about how my daughter may have inherited my love of words and silly stories. I think Darlek has possibly heard a similar poem somewhere else, but I’m not sure.  Either way, I think it’s fabulous and involved absolutely no prompting from me. Enjoy!

My Little Brother is a Pest

‘My little brother is a pest!

I tried to send him off to space, but he wet the rocket.

Then I tried to feed him to wild animals, but the cat was too tired

and then I tried to cellotape him down on the floor, but he was too wriggly.

Then I tried to turn him into a frog, but he ate the book of spells.

Then I tried to put him in a cardboard box and post him to my grandma and grandad,

but he made the postman come back because he was wriggling and turning so the postman thought there was a ghost in the box.

Then I went to the shop, I tried to leave him there, but he started to cry and then my mum heard him

and then I didn’t have any ideas left……..so I kept my little brother.’

We had a really lovely day out,  Darlek and I threw bread for the ducks and swans and we went on a canal boat ride.  Loved it.  A day tinged with golden sunshine, and a happy rosy glow – I love spending quality time with Darlek.  We played tag on the pavement, and I felt like a big kid.  Probably drove a couple of people mad dashing between them and running after each other, but what the hell!  She’s only young once.

'Do Swans have teeth?' I think Darlek was a bit nervous at beak level.



2 responses to “A Poem by Darlek! – My Little Brother is a Pest

  1. Fantastic! Looks like a fab day out too!!

  2. I read this to my DD 8, and she loved it! She asked if I could write about her pieces of writing one day. I just might do that!!!
    Lovely post, thank you…..I’m off to play tag in the sunshine 😉

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