Cat Food Ice-cream!

Cat Food Ice-cream!

Nope, I’m not off again, my days of culinary experimentation are over – this is just a concept that Horace came up with the other day.

Darlek bought a kid’s ice-cream maker for her birthday and absolutely loves it.  Problem is, Horace spent a while winding her up saying that one of the essential ingredients in ice-cream is cat food.  Darlek took all this with a pinch of salt and simply ignored his random idea, after looking doubtful for about a millisecond.  On the other hand Sausage listened intently….

Every now and then I find him wandering around the living room nestling a can of cat food wittering on about ‘Mummy make ice-cream?’  He took Horace’s idea completely to heart.

Maybe in 20 years he’ll be the next Heston Blumenthal and will be selling cat-food ice-cream to the masses.

I, for one, will not be sampling it!


As an aside…..we have heating now, although we don’t have a hob.  Our house did not blow up because of the gas leak, although I was genuinely tempted to write a blog entry that simply said ‘KABOOOOOOMM!!!’ in big bold letters.  Long story, but in a nutshell, if you’re even remotely interested, which you’re probably not – one small gas leak under fire (apparently not dangerous), one small gas leak on hob (apparently not dangerous either), and a big gas leak on the meter outside – were the combined reason for all the fuss.  We did have a faulty hob, but not one that would have killed us, so although Homebase are still supplying shoddy appliances, they weren’t actually going to blow us up in our sleep.  Horrid episode and best forgotten methinks!  Thanks to everyone for being nice, supportive and helpful while I nearly had a full on breakdown live on Twitter.

Have to go now, as a friend has arrived, I need to go drink red wine and put the world to rights, so onwards and upwards as I say almost every blog.  I’m so sorry for not being my usual self, have been spectacularly stressed recently and I think it comes through in my writing.  As the wonderful Terry Pratchett wrote in one of his books, BUGGERIT!  Life’s too short innit! (Fripfoll, feel free to correct my english, lol! ;O)





One response to “Cat Food Ice-cream!


    Can BUGGERIT be my word for the day too please?

    Every cat I have ever known has adored ice cream so I reckon you may be on to something. (Have you any leftover salmon?) But please give the machine a good scrub before making mango sorbet.

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