Last Straw!

The Last Straw!

I am not best pleased with Homebase as many people already know. And you’re probably quite bored with the whole subject, as am I. But I think anyone and everyone needs to know about this last incident.   I’ve just had to send this email to one of the managers.  From what the Transco Engineer just told me, Homebase could very well have killed us through either faulty installation or a faulty appliance.  I have yet to find out which it is. Here’s the letter, says it all really. I’m so mad I’ve been in tears and shaking.

Good Morning!

I didn’t get back to you about the work top protectors because I had enough of dealing with Homebase, but thank you for sending them.  We will sort them ourselves.

On a more important issue. After the last gas hob was installed, I thought I smelt gas occasionally, but no-one else in the house did so I just dismissed it as paranoia – you see I have no faith in any of your work colleagues now, so I just put it down to that.

Last night my husband finally admitted that he thought he could smell gas also, so today I rang your installations dept. to see if we could get the hob checked.  They said they would call us back in 48 hours, but if we were concerned to call Transco.  Thinking I was making a fuss over nothing, but wanting to make sure everything was ok, I rang Transco.

The engineer has just left.  He said we had a SEVERE GAS LEAK and detected gas AROUND THE HOB.  I have no heating, I have no hob to cook on, I have two young children to keep warm and feed……… and by the sounds of it YOU COULD HAVE KILLED US!

We have been living with that cooker in our kitchen for about two months or so?  How dare Homebase put me, my husband, and two very young children at risk.  We give you our hard earned money and Homebase treats us like this.

Put yourself in our position for a minute.  How would you feel?

I have contacted ****, I have contacted the installations department – and am sat here waiting for this situation to be rectified.  I have been in tears, I am shaking I am so angry.  I expect an apology, I expect further compensation and I expect a FUNCTIONING, SAFE KITCHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NOW.

I look forward to, and am expecting, your reply

Yours sincerely and very angrily,


And this is the reply I get!  This lady obviously can’t spell, and cannot do her Customer Service job.  Doesn’t sound particularly heartfelt does it?  Her Out of Office email probably shows more empathy.  I did Customer Service for many years, and was far removed from this woman’s lofty post, yet I still know that this reply is not appropriate, does not deal with emotional upset, with the incompetence and I AM VERY UNHAPPY.  Spitting feathers comes to mind!!!

Good afternoon Ms *******
I a very sorry to hear you have had a gas leak.
I have spoken to **** and he has advised our Installer is visiting you
this afternoon to look at hob and the gas leak.

Kind regards


3 responses to “Last Straw!

  1. Oh my goodness hun, I can’t believe they’ve done that! I hope they sort it for you very quickly. I think it’s time for you to get legal advice about this issue. Good luck with it all.

  2. Shocking. And completely unacceptable. I have to agree with Mel and say that at this stage I think you should be seeking some legal advice.
    Best of luck.

  3. OMG that is so appalling.

    You really need to take this out of their hands now, they are clearly incompetent and unable to deal with the issues.

    Perhaps start with Trading Standards and the Kitchen installation ombundman thingie.

    Good luck hun. xx

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