Paint a Tea Set! Galt Toys

Paint a Tea Set! (and the living room carpet) from Galt Toys

The second craft project Galt Toys sent me was a ‘Paint a Tea Set’ kit, which turned out to be quite an experience I have to say.  I am a bit of a wuss when it comes to painting as I find everything gets painted, the kids, the carpet, the furniture, the table…the list goes on.  I remember when Darlek painted her hands blue with rather more permanent paint than usual, she looked like she was dying of cold for quite some time afterwards.   So, I was a bit nervous as to how this would turn out.

These look adorable don't they! (We had high hopes!)

Darlek opened the packaging and found this inside – tiny cups, tiny plates, tiny teapot and milk jug, and a tiny pot thing that I couldn’t identify.  There were also two sets of paints with neat little clicky opening mechanisms, instructions and a paint brush.  Everything you could ever need if you were going to paint a tea set.  Unfortunately a baby sitter wasn’t included :O(  You see, as usual Horace was at work and I had both kids to deal with at the same time, and no way was Sausage going to miss out on this exciting craft adventure. (sighs…)

No babysitter included unfortunately.

We set everything out on the table, and added a small tub of water to dab paint brushes in; I took a deep breath, held a clean up cloth at the ready and then we were off!

Decorating the table as well as the tea set.

The paint applied quite nicely, although you could see the brushstrokes through the paint, so the actual colour looked a bit wishy-washy.   I tried to explain to Darlek that if you paint evenly and carefully you don’t end up with something that looks like it’s been painted with a pastry brush, but it proved hard to put into practise.  Sausage joined in and seemed obsessed with blue, and was to Darlek’s horror, very quick at what he was doing.  She speeded up to make sure he didn’t paint everything before her, and I tried to slow him down by getting him to repaint the first things he’d started on.  This meant darker shades of purple tea cups, and  Darlek painting faster than I ever thought possible.  I explained that these were the base coats and that decoration could be added later.  Neither child was amused and wanted to finish them NOW, as they always do.They were left on the side to dry, I used the original packaging to balance them on so they dried evenly.

Stage 1 completed! About half the paint still usable.

By the time the next day came around, Darlek had lost interest and I had to badger her to finish these.  Reluctantly Darlek did admit that it is best to finish things you’ve started, and began painting again.  (I’m such a hyporcrite, I try to teach her these life lessons, whilst totally failing to live by them myself!)  Unfortunately Darlek was annoyed at being asked to finish her project and painted even faster than last time and with added insolence.  ‘Will this do?!’ was one of the questions she asked.  I felt very guilty I have to say, but it just seemed such a shame to leave these unfinished!  Mind you, it was meant to be fun, not a chore as it turned out to be.

The finished articles looked like this!

Pls scroll back to picture on packaging........

Darlek was pleased she’d finished them, and immediately moved on to hassling me to make crepe paper flowers.  Kids are just relentless aren’t they!  I don’t think she was enamoured with her creations I have to say, and although she enjoyed the initial painting, the results weren’t quite as she’d pictured.  I have no doubt at all that the tea-set would have looked a bit more appealing if her brother hadn’t have helped, so she could have spent more time on it.  My advice is remove a 3 yr old from the equation and you’ll have a nice relaxing craft project.  Add a 3 yr old into the mix and you’ve got water and paint everywhere and it’s well….bedlam.

(the paint seems to wash out fine by the way, always a plus point; and there is just enough paint for the project too, we didn’t run out until the very end)

Please note: The Paint a Tea Set in this review was supplied free of charge by @GaltToys for review purposes. However the views expressed are my own honest opinions. No financial reward has been given.


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