Blogging Quandries….

Blogging Quandries…

I am in a blogging quandry!  Help, advice, opinions very welcome.  A few issues really.  Please do read to the bottom, my biggest dilemma is there I suppose!

This blog was started because I simply wanted to write, I’ve always written diaries, huge long letters to people, daft poems etc etc.  It’s something I love doing.  The thing is I have never felt a desperate urge to advertise, it’s never been something that has woken me from sleep and flung me to the computer – the need to write passionately about extra-special branded loo roll!  It just never happens.

I mean, I can do it. I can waffle with the best of them – but it just doesn’t float my boat.  Unfortunately this does seem to be the life-blood of blogging at the moment, and it is hard to resist.  Writing for the sake of writing isn’t going to help me gain toys for my kids, and it doesn’t seem likely that I’ll ever get paid to do it.   Advertising on the other hand brings shallow rewards.  And I want to support my family more than anything.  There’s bugger all jobs around here, and my proof-reading career is never going to pay for anything more than nursery (not even that most weeks!) Absolutely nothing beats seeing my kids eyes light up, and call me a capitalist pig, but a quick route to making them happy is to write about and ‘promote’ things that they really want, so they get to unwrap exciting brown parcels from the postman.

I’ll be honest and say I wrote the Squinkies review with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, that I was failing my readers and myself. That I’d sold my writing and my blogging soul for a couple of lurid, squidgy big eyed plastic toys, that I was writing for promoters, and not for my readers.  Stupid really to invest actual heartache into a blog, but it bothered me!  As it turned out, it backfired anyway because Sausage keeps trying to eat them and they scare the living day lights out of me because they’re a terrible choking hazard.

So, I’m asking for opinions.  What do you, as a reader, want to read about?  Would you mind me posting ocassional sponsored posts (and if the item I’m writing about is rubbish, I’ll sure as hell tell you) or would you prefer me to write more about family life?  Do reviews put you off reading?  Would you prefer to see more ‘linked’ in posts, for example #MagpieMonday #SilentSunday posts?

I’m afraid I’d rather have my blog read because it is worth reading, not just because it’s on page one of Google.  I’d rather this blog gained more readers because people loved reading it frankly, not because it’s been networked.  But then again, there are benefits, more publicity means more products come the Brink of Bedlam’s way and my family benefits.  Without that, I am basically writing for the love of writing, and that doesn’t put bread on the table or toys in the toy box does it?

Please do comment and help me out here! I’m floundering around like a fish out of water here! (which is appropriate at least considering recent antics).

On a more serious note, and one which I have genuinely lost sleep over.  I wasn’t going to include this, but any input would help me make my mind up about what I should do for the best really……….

I’ve  considered completely giving up blogging because of a search term that someone used to find my blog on Google (these search words show up on my stats).  They searched for ‘pictures of child weeing’ and found my blog and my family.  Now I’ve tried very hard to think of why someone would legitimately search for that, but cannot think of any reasons that are not downright sinister.  I do not have pictures like that on here, my kids are always fully clothed and  I don’t even show them in their pyjamas or in their bedroom – but the thought of having someone trawling my blog and our life with eyes that look at pages that I don’t even want to imagine – knocked me sick.  At a minimum, I am no longer going to post pictures showing my kids faces.  I suppose this is the real issue that is bothering me, apart from anything else.  I suppose it was a matter of time before something like this happened, and I feel incredibly naive for not thinking about it before.

I  know there’s random wierdos on the street, but they can only catch a quick glimpse of my kids as they wander by. Through a blog, someone could track my children’s lives, their likes, their dislikes, their most important moments.  The sickest of individuals could know so much about my children because of my indiscreet and thoughtless internet ramblings. I really am questioning why I’m here and if I should be. :O(


8 responses to “Blogging Quandries….

  1. I’ll tackle things one at a time….

    Reviews. I love reading your reviews. The tea set painting one in particular. It was in your usual witty style, and very relevant to the general theme of your blog. So I’d say with the reviews, keep on with them but make sure you stick to things that are relevant to you and your family.

    The “special days” like #silentsunday – don’t bother. Blog about what you want to blog about. You have to choose – are you blogging for people to read, or to be in the “blogging club”. If it’s the latter, then you’ll need to join in with all these things and maybe get involved with blogging politics – and probably lose some of your other readers. You can’t be all things to all people. But if you have to do it in order to get the products sent to you for review, I’m happy to gloss over the things that don’t interest me. You can’t force me to read what I don’t want to read just as I can’t force you to write only what I want to see (I think that makes sense)

    Finally the search term – being charitable, it just might have been that the person was searching for a picture of the statue Mannekin Pis and couldn’t remember the name. But there’s also the much less innocent explanation. It does worry me that all the Mummy Blogs that are so popular now could be like having all their birthdays at once for a certain type of person. However I think if we let the bad people in the world dictate everything we do we’d live in constant fear, never leaving the house, never answering the phone, never using a credit card…. Anyway, if it was somebody peculiar he will have given up all hope of a cheap thrill when he started reading about dishwashered fish.

  2. “Call me selfish, but I prefer to write about whatever is on my mind, not to be restricted to posting certain things on certain days because it is good search engine practise, and it will higher my ranking.”

    Eh? How does posting certain things on certain days have any relationship to search engines?

    There’s a myth that things like SilentSunday boost search engine placement. The only blog that will benefit is the one that everyone else links to, not the ones entering the linky. You might get some click thru traffic from ppl reading around and leaving comments, but you won’t get any boost from the search engines. So rest easy there.

    Which obviously then shows that I do SS because I enjoy doing it. I enjoy making sure I post one picture (at least) a week, and I like seeing what everyone else has been up to. If you don’t like it, don’t do it. There’s no pressure either way.

    Hope that’s cleared that up.

    On the weirdo thing – are you really going to let some perv stop you writing? Don’t do it. By all means be sensible – don’t share real names, locations, identifying details. But on the rest of it, do what you want to do.


  3. Elaine Livingstone

    what I like most about reading other peoples blogs is the total randomnous of it all, quite happy to read what is relevant and important to you and your family on whatever day of the week it happens to be.

    enjoy the freebies you get and if you can write up on what has given you and your family some enjoyment for free then go for it girl.

    keep doing what your doing, dont let the perverts win, but protect the faces and personal details of your children as you dont want to be risking their innocence

  4. First of all, please don’t stop blogging! It’s your blog, so you use it for whatever you want. Personally, I prefer the the slightly random family-inspired musings (maybe because I relate to them so much!), but that’s just me.

    As for the reviews, I completely understand why you do them – but I can tell when you like something and when your heart’s not really in it. No need to stop, though: the mosaic art one actually had me thinking I might just go and buy some for the next school holiday…..

    And about the last point, I can only echo what others have said about being sensible with pictures / content. Just keep uploading the fish!

  5. Dont let the weirdos put you off..
    I like the randomness of the littly kids stuff , oh n the million odd pretty socks and painting mess .. 🙂
    takes me back .. all our socks r boring black / white sports socks these days..

  6. Hey, Don’t go I’ve just found you. I know what you mean about the kid thing but if you don’t show their faces or use their real names they can not come to any more harm than they can anywhere else. I think it is so sad that we have to think that way I am really convious of anything I post anywhere concerning my daughter but I think as long as you are not doing anything that cna put them in danger then there is no point in worry about what is going through some sicko’s mind. If we started on that route we would never do anything taking them swimming would be out of the question! I have no issue with random reviews etc if it earns youa few pennies and yopu are honest about it then go for it! Also I prefer less structure so having a specific topic on a specific day doesn’t really do it for me, prefer random ramblings as they pop into your head!!! My thoughts anyway x

  7. I’m with Tamsin… don’t go as I’m loving your writing. My kids are grown but I love reading your reviews for the glimpses of the usual mahem when kids get to play with new things. And don’t worry about what might be lurking out there – if we all did that life could become very tedious and boring. Search terms may be an indicator of something perverted but I’d prefer to think that its mostly completely innocent. You sensibly protect your childrens identities so I’d say just keep on doing what you are doing and relax and enjoy it.

  8. I never properly replied here, and I should have done. Sometimes I get het up with daily life and forget to show how grateful I really am for the input I get on here from friends. I should make the time, and I’m sorry I don’t always. Every single one of you here was so very helpful and your advice was taken on board and acted upon. I was very disillusioned when I wrote this, and worried about a lot of silly things really. Thank you for your comments and I appreciate them more than you know. x

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