Bayard Magazines!

Bayard Magazines

I was so pleased to have two magazines forwarded from Bayard magazines!  I have recently found myself staring despondently at the magazines on the shelves at our local newsagents.  The girls magazines all seem to be about princesses and puppies; and the boys ones seem to be about either Ben 10 or branded toys or something.  All rather gender determined and commercial if you ask me!

Bayard magazines seem to be a much better option, albeit a more costly one.  You can order these at the cost of £4.15 for a monthly magazine, and there are 50 pages therein.  My main concern is that once a magazine has been pondered over and drawn in on an afternoon the kids tend to lose interest in it, or it gets ripped or destroyed somehow.  Or maybe it’s just my kids that do this, but I suspect  not.  It’s a shame it’s not issued fortnightly, rather than monthly if you ask me.

I can’t show a picture of the front cover of this magazine as Darlek proudly wrote her name across the front of it, so here’s a selection of the pages on the inside instead.


Entertaining stories, and nicely presented illustrations.

Science facts presented at a child's level.

Puzzles and tasks to keep kids occupied.

This magazine is much higher quality than the ones you’d find on the shelves of newsagents, is less TV focused, and doesn’t seem to enforce gender stereotyping onto kids, which I think is fabulous.  Personally I love it, but think that it is a little pricey for one magazine, and it could do with being issued more frequently.

I just wish they sold these in shops! I don’t like having to pay out a subscription fee that ties me into a financial commitment, when I can just fork out a couple of quid for  a magazine every now and then in a local shop.  I think that’s what is the biggest problem with these, availability!


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