Galt Toys – Mosaic Masterpieces!

Galt Toys – Mosaic Masterpieces!

I’m very grateful to Galt for sending us a Mosaic Masterpiece which was brilliant for a keeping the kids occupied on a boring afternoon over half term.

Here’s a picture of the half ripped packaging.  Once again, the kids started on it before I could take a photo. I need to be quicker off the mark obviously!

We wondered if ours would be up to the same standard as the one shown on the packet...

Darlek was dying to get stuck into this, she loves craft stuff.  So does her brother which usually leads to World War 3.  I wasn’t sure if this was an activity destined for hysterics.  You see,  it’s very difficult to do craft with Darlek as Sausage always wants to join in, and he’s usually very destructive (or creative, depending on your viewpoint really).

This is what comes in the packet:

Instructions, different coloured sticky squares, and stick by numbers designs.

The cellophane packets were ripped in bits, and these were what we had to work with!


Various stick on by numbers, patterns and pictures.
Nice bright stick on squares, great for sticking on paper, not so great for sticking on the cat.

Darlek and Sausage set to work, Darlek very quickly got the hang of it, and matched the coloured squares with the appropriate numbered boxes and happily stuck away! I was roped into helping and I have to say it’s actually very therapeutic, very similar to paint by numbers only without paint, and with more sticky squares obviously.  The results appear faster than you might think, and it doesn’t take so long to complete one of these, maybe 45 minutes at a guess.


Took a bit of precision, but the squares easily unstuck and stuck back in the right place if mistakes were made.

Sausage was far too young for this, but obviously tried to join in.  Luckily these squares are easy to remove if they’re put in the wrong place, and are still sticky enough to put back  in the right place afterwards too.  Saves square wastage! Quite a few were stuck in random places around the living room, but it’s not as if sticky squares stain so it was an extremely stress free craft activity.  I was genuinely shocked to see that the finished articles looked very similar to the ones shown on the packet too!  Darlek was extremely proud of her creations and wanted to take one in to give it to her teacher.  Methinks my little darling has already learnt the art of currying favour.

Sausage and the dog picture. Should this be entitled ‘Sausage, Dog?’ and could this be a Daschund one wonders?

Overall, I’d highly recommend this craft project.  It’s relatively mess free,  is easy to master, comes up with brilliant results with a minimum of effort and if mistakes are made, they can be corrected easily.  This Mosaic Masterpiece from Galt Toys retails at only £4.99 and I’d say that it’s well worth the money, and I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t mean it!

Please note: The Mosaics Masterpieces in this review were supplied free of charge by @GaltToys for review purposes. However the views expressed are my own honest opinions. No financial reward has been given.

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