Rainbows & the Passing of the Years.

Rainbows and the Passing of the Years

Darlek had her birthday party this afternoon, her birthday was a while ago now to be honest, but in true ‘Me’ fashion, it’s been booked late.  She loved it!  We took her to a place where they basically do to the whole party for you, it’s cheating really.  All we had to do was invite people, buy a cake and turn up.  It was a ‘Pop Music’ themed hour and a half, and the kids danced around to JLS, Take That and YMCA, ate party food, demolished a Marshmallow mountain and played silly games involving grown ups wearing wigs and huge clown pants.  I’m just thankful I escaped that bit, for once I was pleased that Sausage had wet himself and weed on my leg, so I was in the loos and couldn’t be volunteered for the dress up games.  All in all, a good time was had by all!

It doesn’t seem a year since her last party, which we had at the same place.  The comparisons were unavoidable.  I remember what she wore last time, and how she threw herself into the games  In particular I remember how she told off one of the staff members who teased me when I tried nicking some of Darlek’s party food, you see I was called a ‘burger-stealer’ and Darlek wasn’t having anyone calling her mummy a ‘burger-stealer’.  She stuck up for me and my greedy belly and held her own against a 20 something party organiser dressed in a huge puff ball fairy princess outfit.  Darlek does speak her mind, and this was of course done in a cute ‘You leave my mummy alone!’ (cue giggles from everyone involved) silly pretend manner which wasn’t at all aggressive, she just made her point.

A battery powered, light up Cinderella!

She’s always been incredibly self-assured, and I’m hoping this will stand her in good stead for the rest of her life.  Today she danced her little heart out, waving her arms above her head in the throes of YMCA, wiggling her bum, copying all the moves, grinning throughout.  And the really lovely thing was that she took the time to check on her friend who had come along, and was a bit bewildered with all the music and the jumping about.  The poor little love sat in tears, huddled up on my friend’s lap looking like the world had ended.  I realised half way through that this little girl was clutching a tiny pony that Darlek has prized for the last couple of days.  Darlek had given it to her to try and cheer her up.  I think it got left behind in the end so the pony still remains with its original owner but the thought was there.

Call me judgemental, but when I was at school, a lot of the confident people who tended to be in the thick of things didn’t tend to be the most thoughtful of people.  In fact a lot of the most confident were well…arrogant.  In all truth I have worried that Darlek might be a little like this.  She speaks her mind, tells people what to do and is a bit bossy, is incredibly competitive (yes, I know where she gets that from), will throw herself in at the deep end  most of the time, and is a bit bolschy in fact.  On the flipside, she has a smile for anyone, is very empathic, is caring and considerate and very demonstrative. I’ve had more ‘I love you mummy!’ messages on pieces of paper than I have had hot cups of tea.  She is a little love, and seeing the two sides of her character today, has made me all choked up and  ‘Proud Mum’ish’.  Darlek smiled and danced and romped about with the raucous partygoers, but didn’t forget her upset friend in the process. Admirable if you ask me.

The little bump I patted in pregnancy has grown into a confident, caring wonderful 6 year old girl.  I don’t know exactly when it happened.  The first time I held her and she nuzzled up to my bosom I remember feeling a huge wave of responsibility.  I didn’t feel the ‘love’ emotion a lot of mums go on about.  I just felt so strongly that she was mine, mine only  (sorry Horace but it’s the truth!); and that I and I alone was responsible for doing my best for her, for setting her on the right paths.  Since then I’ve realised it’s more a case of showing her the path and herding her a bit, but you get my point.  I’m pleased and proud to say, things are looking good so far.  But then I would say that because I’m her mum, I know, I know!! ;O)

Home-made Birthday Buns! Crunchy!

On the way home we were driving along the motorway when the clouds drew in ahead, but the sun still shone behind us.  A huge rainbow spanned the road, and the ends looked like they were rooted in the green fields on either side.  Darlek recited the colours, I’ve recently taught her the old rhyme ‘Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain’ (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet’ so she knows the colour order now.  A flock of what I think were seagulls flew under one side of the arch, and flickered grey and white with each wingbeat against the grey sky.  Just perfect.

I told Darlek to always remember that on her 6th birthday (which it wasn’t, but that’s just a formal detail) she had to remember that there was a rainbow in the sky, just for her.  If I could take a rainbow from the sky and give it to her, I would.

(I took some photos of the rainbow but don’t have access to them as they’re on Horace’s phone, I will bob one on this post as soon as I can upload one)

3 responses to “Rainbows & the Passing of the Years.

  1. Elaine Livingstone

    thats lovely, hope she has such happy memories later in life. thanks for sharing the post

    I have video footage of my sons 6th birthday party in a well known burger joint, and it makes his older sisters cringe at the way they were fashionably dressed and acted.

    He also got a bike from family and friends for his birthday and the video footage is also there of him falling off within 10 mins of us picking it up from the shop and scratching it for the first time, happy memories ( he will be 26 this yr!!)

  2. Great post, you have very good reason to be proud. You’re obviously doing an amazing job as a mum, keep up the good work.

  3. I had a little tear at this post. Not sure why because it’s an incredibly happy post, but I guess its just because you’re making memories.

    Sounds like a perfect day (except for S weeing on your leg!).

    Belated birthday wishes for D xxx

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