Monster Heart of Gold Blogging Comp & FishyDishyCookery! The End!

Monster Heart of Gold Blogging Comp & FishyDishyCookery! The End!

I am overjoyed to announce that the FishyDishyCookery charity stunt (cooking a fish in a dishwasher for those of you who are a bit puzzled) and the Monster Heart of Gold blogging competition, plus Gift Aid on the Just Giving site, raised the grand total of approximately £507 for the RNLI!!!!!!!  Wow!


Blogged, Tweeted and Eaten Live! (well, tbh it wasn't eaten 'live' it was actually very dead - but I did blog & tweet live whilst dishwashing the salmon.

Can you believe it?!  I know I can’t.  It still doesn’t seem real.  Every now and then I’ve clicked back to the Just Giving page just to convince myself that I didn’t imagine the whole thing.  It does seem quite unbelievable that one daft conversation on Twitter about dishwashing fish, could snowball into such a huge charity effort involving so many people and could achieve something so worthwhile.  I think we all deserve a huge pat on the back!  Who says social networking is a waste of time!  It can be used so productively as I think we all proved perfectly!

On the page that announces the winner of the Monster Heart of Gold comp, it says a grand total of 6962 votes were cast, that’s a lot of dedication from a lot of people and I just want to say a huge heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed, and an equally huge heartfelt apology for the pestering and the terrible pirate jokes on Twitter.  What can I say, I was bored! There’s only so many times a person can tweet ‘Please vote for me!’ without going stark raving mad. Actually I can’t take full credit for the pirate puns, there were many who came up with far worse than I did.  You know who you are!!!  (stares accusingly and throws parrot poop at @jming)

Just as a recap, this was the winning blog – ‘A Passion to Make it Work!’ In a very typical Brink of Bedlam fashion, it was a blog about my family being my passion in life.  I was actually fed up when I wrote it, so it is a little down-beat.  It took me flipping (still trying to get fish puns out of my system) ages to write it though, and I hope it was worth voting for.  I say that to justify myself to the people I harassed for votes, who had never read it but voted anyway.

I had a load of fun with the Dishwashed Fish, and although the voting competition was extremely hard work and so very stressful towards the end of the competition, it was wonderful to see ‘all hands on deck’.  I’ve had so much support, so many people have blogged and tweeted about the comp and the Dishwashered Fish stunt, posted on Facebook, asked friends and relatives to vote for the Monster Heart of Gold competition, etc etc, and I’ve been really genuinely touched by the huge group effort that went into this.

In particular I do have to mention Wellgate Fisheries who supplied the 3kg whopper of a salmon for the #fishydishycookery stunt, they were very generous and many, many thanks to them!  (If you’re ever in the Clitheroe area, go buy a kipper from them!)

Make it a mission! Go to Clitheroe and buy fish! ;O)

Something I do need to add, is that I was locked out of Facebook on the night before the conclusion of the voting competition, so apologies for the lack of communication on there.  I thought I’d lost any hope of winning at that point, but was thankfully proved very wrong. I’ve only just got back on Facebook, so will be pestering you with friend requests instead of votes some time soon no doubt!

The RNLI is a fantastic charity, and they do heroic work.   They put their lives on the line for others and I think the least we can do is help support them in their efforts.  If anyone would like to donate, the Just Giving page is still open! (hint, hint)


5 responses to “Monster Heart of Gold Blogging Comp & FishyDishyCookery! The End!

  1. Well done sweety! You’re done amazingly! 😀

  2. Yay, told ya we’d beat your total! lol

  3. Fantastic, Impressive AND Fun! Great achievement very well done……Now have you got another madcap scheme ready for Red Nose Day?…..What do you mean you need a rest?! 😉

    • Elaine Livingstone

      well Jo I think that well placed comment entitles you to the privilege of a hair brained scheme for the day – though personally dont like red nose day as a charity much prefer children in need.

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