I have to say I love the word ‘Squinkies’, it’s splendiforous!  When @UKMumsTV contacted me and said they had some ‘Squinkies’ they’d like me to review, I jumped at the chance.  I was hooked even before I knew what they were!  They just sound adorable.  As it happens these little toys are as cute as the name suggests and they landed on our doorstep about a week ago now.

This is what came out of the parcel @UKMumsTV sent me.  The ritual ripping open of the packaging had commenced by this point.

Squinkies Bubble Pack - Series Three RRP £13 - A lot of these were liberated while I ran round the house shouting 'Where's me phone!' so I could take a photo. Kid are quick!

As I’ve said before I don’t like to feature advertising too much on this blog, but I think these are worth a mention.  Apparently they are going to be the next childhood craze, and are being marketed as such.  It does sound likely that you will be asked for one of these by your ever loving children in the near future, so you may as well find out what you’re being asked to fork out for, why your children are obsessed with them, and if they’re any cop frankly.  There’s some brilliantly engineered adverts on the web for these, and I’m sure they’ll appear on our screens soon.  I know that from just watching just one advert, my two were driven to a Squinkie squealing frenzy – Darlek shouted ‘Wow!! I want them!’ and Sausage shouted ‘Swinky-swinky-swinky!’ and quite literally jumped up and down on the spot.  Brace yourselves for the full force of pester power!

Great for Squinkie storage, Mini dolls house, front door falls off occasionally!

These cute little slightly squidgy Squinkies seem to retail at about £1 or less for each as far as I can tell, perfect pricing for little pockets.  I can imagine a lot of children will be wanting to spend their weekly allowance on these.  They are very collectible too, so I suspect one Squinkie will never be enough!  It looks to me like there are a billion and one variations on a theme – they all feature lurid coloured animals and children with big eyes, huge heads and tiny bodies.  Each and every one of them arrives encased in their own see through plastic clip open / shut bubble, which is a nice touch.  They can be carried around in pockets without them being lost quite as easily as they might if they were free range.  These bubbles make a very satisfying crunch sound when trodden on too by the way!  A lot of our Squinkies are bubble-less now.  (That’s your cue to go Aw…and look sad)

Squinkies and a bracelet you can attach them to. Note genetic similarities.

Even the Squinkies that have intact bubbles are making a break for it.  It’s a basic law of physics I believe.  Balls roll, Squinkies even more so…..  I have lost count of the number of times I have been summoned to rescue Squinkies that have rolled under beds, under sofas, under computer desks etc etc..  They are all hell bent on escape it seems!

They are about a 2cm high, and seem to be made of a mixture of rubber and plastic, they squish / bounce a little between two fingers. Very malleable and just the right size and cuteness for primary school age children.  The gumball playhouse came with some teeny accessories too, a plastic table, chairs, a computer and a bed so your kids can set up a little Squinky home in their gumball. Along the development line someone had the bright idea of including a Squinky baby bottle too, which if you look at in perspective, is as big as the Squinkies themselves – beware overfeeding!

The overall quality of the Squinkies themselves seems very good. They are all very individual, nicely coloured, squidge great – but are an absolute nightmare if you have children under 3 years old.  I feel like putting that in capital letters, but would be accused of shouting.  Unfortunately they do squidge really well between tiny teeth and I have had to remove one or two saliva covered Squinkies from my son – I’ve tried to ask Darlek to keep them in her room, but as I said – they’re little escapologists.

Very cute, but toddlers think they're chewing gum

The Gumball Surprize Playhouse is a great idea, because tidy children (mine not included) can store all their bubbled-up Squinkies in the big pink dome bit.  When they want to get them out again, they can put one of two of the tiny bright yellow plastic coins that are supplied, in the slot and turn the dial above the door.  The Squinkies drop down and come out through the front door! Very neat, but I’m a little concerned this may increase my daughter’s already near uncontrollable fascination with those huge gum-ball tat machines you get at the cinema.  In addition to this the door does seem to fall off quite easily, but it does clip back on ok – if you can find it, which we can’t!  I think the Squinkies that have escaped under the sofa have taken the door with them.   Perhaps in protest at me standing on so many of their bubbles.

So!  A conclusion! Squinkies are great little toys for OLDER children, as in above 5 years old.  Pls, pls don’t buy them if you have a baby in the house that’s going through the ‘I want to eat everything’ stage!  They’d be lethal, I have no doubts about that at all.  There are about a billion types of Squinkie and Squinkie related toys so there really is potential for them to end up as the new playground craze.  If your kids are anything like mine, they’ll want everything Squinkie related after they’ve laid their hands on even just one of the cute, big-headed critters……  (Heroine for kids comes to mind – and I may have to censor that once I’ve submitted this, but what the hell!)  I strongly suspect these will be on your child’s Christmas list next year and fore-warned is fore-armed as my mum always says.

Please note: The Squinkies and the Gumball Surprize Playhouse in this review were supplied free of charge by @UKMumsTV for review purposes. However the views expressed are my own honest opinions. No financial reward has been given.


2 responses to “Squinkies!!!

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  2. A fab review – yes I can see this as a craze too! Even a trading game at school because of the pocket money price of them.
    I have the same problem with the Ben and Holly figures we have, never realised they were actually making a run for it! I’ll need to keep a closer eye on them ;0)

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