Fishy Friday!

Fishy Friday!

This weekend I’ll be doing the #fishydishycookery stunt in aid of the @RNLI.  If you would like to make a donation towards my bizarre fund raising attempt you can donate here, even if it’s only a few squid it’ll help!   JUST GIVING!

My friends and I have put quite literally hours, if not days, of work into publicising this.  We have worked long into the night tweeting companies and celebrities asking for publicity, donations and help – all this is for the RNLI and for a laugh too.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all the blogs.

These are all the posts I’ve written on this bizarre and hopefully amazing cookery stunt, just if you’d like a recap!

2.51 Tuesday Morning – The Genesis of the Dishwashered Fishy
The Plan – The How-To Blog (the really daft blog, which includes training bears to catch aforementioned salmon)
#FishyDishyCookery Fishy Business! Here’s where I secure a fish by more traditional means.

The Fishy Party of the Century!

And……(drum roll)………No expense has been spared! I will be hosting a #Fishydishycookery Twitter party Live and interactive this weekend, as this dangerous and life-changing event takes place  (this is the bit where you have to go ‘OOooooooh!’ If I can organise it beforehand, I may even run a mini comp for small fishy prizes. That does not mean I will be posting partially cooked minnows to people, before you query me on that. Maybe fridge magnets or something equally exotic and exciting. Be there or smell of fish!!! The choice is yours!

Many thanks to Wellgate Fisheries for supplying the salmon and for supporting me!  They are ofishaly (typo intended) flipping fantastic,and I am very grateful to them for their help and support.


Wellgate Fisheries are Flipping Fantastic!

I have been in training for just over a week now. My dishwashing skills are second to none, I can load and unload it at the speed of light – I can set programmes with the flick of my little finger – I really am that good. In fact I suspect I may be setting a new world record for being brilliant and ultimately fantastic at dishwashing. Cooking salmon in it will be a doddle. Although explaining why ‘Mummy’s cooking a fish in the dishwasher’ to the kids, might not be quite so easy. I am slightly worried about what Darlek will tell the other kids at school. It is unlikely that I will ever be one of the school governers, put it this way.

Here is a photograph of my initial preparations for the event….. Ready….Steady……….FishyDishyCookery!!!

Because people are a bit skint these days I also decided to enter a blogging competition in aid of the @RNLI, the prize is £250 and if I win it, every single penny will go to the RNLI.  It is daily voting competition up until the 21/2, and I can only do this with your help! Basically, if you’ve enjoyed reading these blogs, if you appreciate the effort, if you can’t donate personally but would like to help raise the money, please do vote for the Brink of Bedlam to win.  Click here to Vote! No registration, passing of details, literally a one click vote, and I really do appreciate the help – tons in fact.

One way or another we’ll raise some money for the RNLI! Please do vote daily for the above competition even if you can’t donate, each and every vote counts and it’s for a fantastic cause.

See you at the #FishydishyCookery Twitter party this weekend!  Exact time to be arranged.  I’m @Chaoskay on Twitter if you’d like to follow me for fishy updates :O)

You could even click on ‘Sign me up!’ if you’ve enjoyed the blogs and would like to read more from the Brink of Bedlam?  The more the merrier! :O) x


4 responses to “Fishy Friday!

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  3. I am retweeting ..but not sure if i am doing it correctly….Love the RNLI Lottery cash would help them for years …but most of of it is just sitting in bank a/c`s…..Disgraceful!!

    • Thanks loads Andy, what’s your Twitter ID, just so I can have a look and see if you’re tweeting the link ok – which I’m sure you are tbh. Thanks for your vote and your support! :O) x

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