Sweet Junkies!

Sweet Junkie!

@SweetJunkies very kindly sent me some sweets to review, and they were gobbled up very quickly by all of us. The only ones that Darlek wasn’t keen on were the licorice ones, she now says she doesn’t like ‘Liquid Sweets’.  I don’t think she’s quite got the hang of the pronunciation just yet.

Here’s the selection we were sent:

I’m afraid my photography skills are a bit limited, but you might just be able to work out that there are:

Chewy Apple Bon-Bons Nice, but could easily remove fillings!

Licorice Comfits - Crunchy coating with a lovely slice of licorice centre


Rich Treacle Perfections - Luscious! These stick your teeth together!


Choice Fruits - They do actually taste of fruit so are guilt free for the eating! One of your five fruit and veg a day (honest....)


These are Barnett's Banana and Mango - absolute Jawbreakers and last for ages. :O)


Liquorice Allsorts, the very first sweets I remember from childhood. I like the yellow and pink circular ones that look like cartoon eyes.

Aniseed Balls, love em, but they take forever to eat and I always end up crunching them and hurting my teeth. Always do it, never learn!




2 responses to “Sweet Junkies!

  1. Elaine Livingstone

    havent had aniseed balls in years, these ( and sherbet) were my sweets of choice as a child cos they lasted so long, and yes you do end up chrunching them. But I love liquorice allsorts ( well the liquorice bit anyway) and the coconut rounds and the dotty ones are so so yummy, and our health food shop do a yummy bag of liquoricy sweets with no dolly mixture type bits on them….Im so jealous you get all these hard jobs

  2. It’s a tough job, I have to say! (grins) :O)

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