I love Blogging!

This was my first Monster Heart of Gold blogging attempt, I had to write about something I am passionate about.  Now I’m not saying I’m not passionate about blogging, because I am – but I don’t think this particular post had my heart in it – so I decided not to use it.  It took me a while to write, so I’ll be damned if I waste material, so here it is filling up your inbox, browser, phone, whatever.  Enjoy it, skip it, as you wish!

I love Blogging!

I have to say, my passion at the moment is my writing and my blogging.  There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than thinking of something and then pinning it down on paper, or on a keyboard as the case may be.  Blogging in particular has been a real adventure for me, and a bit of a scary one because I’ve publicly put my thoughts and experiences ‘out there’.  Naively I thought at first it would be a case of writing stuff on a blog and leaving it there, and then simply moving onto the next topic – as you’d do in a journal.  The thing is, blogging is so much more than that.  It actually has a community, it isn’t just random individuals filling up webspace with words.

I’ve read blogs that have almost made me cry, they’ve been so beautifully written and so heartfelt.  Other blogs make me want to spend money, to make things, or simply to comment on an issue, a couple have made me laugh out loud….they are without fail, interesting in one way or another.  Each and every one of these are written by individuals who all contribute to what has become known as the Blogosphere.  It all sounds rather Star Trek to me, but it is as valid a term as any.  I’m proud to be a blogger, and I’m proud to stand alongside my fellow writers, reviewers, promoters and of course the mummy bloggers.  That’d probably be me, most days at least (Kay whistles and tries to cover up the last 3 or 4 blogs that have all been about fish)


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