Magpie Monday!

Magpie Monday!

My fellow blogger @Missielizzieb has come upon a great idea. Magpie Monday!  Otherwise known as #MagpieMonday on Twitter.

Me and My Shadow

Basically, as far as I can tell, I’m new at this…..the idea is to share places where bargains can be found.  Carboot sales, craft sales, charity shops, freecycle, sales, etc etc etc.

Personally I haunt the Freecycle message boards, and have gained some brilliant items (and have given away quite a few too).

This is a wonderful waterproof, padded jacket that we got from Freecycle for Sausage, it is excellent for keeping warm and dry on rainy days.  I highly recommend Freecyle as it is fabulous for finding things, and fabulous for getting rid of items that are no longer useful, but could benefit someone else.


6 responses to “Magpie Monday!

  1. Oh im a freecycler myself and in fact many of Master2’s clothes were from freecycle, love it.

  2. Ahh thanks hun. Most of my family swear by Freecycle. I’ve never had much luck on there, I guess I’m not fast enough! Either that or I spent too much time on Twitter :0)

    Great coat, looks really warm and cosy x

  3. Lovely coat! Im a freecycler too and have given & recieved some really fab items. Visiting via Magpie Monday x

  4. Love the jacket. I am new to the term freecycle but I am a master of the cheap bargain. I get so excited when I bag one. Most of my home is kitted out from my charity shop, boot sale and Ebay finds. Loving all the new people I am finding who are like minded from the Magpie Monday post. xx

  5. Freecycle is such a good idea and good for the karma too! I’ve used our local one mostly for getting rid of stuff but I should look more often for clothes – that jacket is lovely and looks like new!

  6. Freecycle has provided me with many things in the past and it is nice to see your blog for the first time I think courtesy of Twitter contact and Magpie Monday

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