Fishy Dishy Cookery!

It is about time I made The Brink of Bedlam useful as well as bizarre – so I have decided to run the Cooking a Salmon in a Dishwasher as a charity event of all things.  Feel free to raise eyebrows now. ;O)

If you’re wondering how this all started, just click here. Dishwashered Fishy. It explains everything. :O)

I have decided to support the RNLI, and have set up a Just Giving page.  Let’s see how much we can raise in a week and then it’s fish-a-go-go-go!

This is my Just Giving page: http://www.justgiving.com/kay-wilkinson and I genuinely thank each and everyone of you who donates, and thanks also to anyone who takes the time to read this blog too.  It is one of the daftest I’ve come up with, I have to admit!  But it’s for a good cause!

I am actually on the hunt for a charity minded fishmonger too now, so if you think you could help, please let me know! If I’m going to do this thing, then I’m going to do it properly! :O)

So, don’t just Flounder around on your sofa, you Cod be donating some Squid to the RNLI!  Go on, help make what has got to be one of the oddest blogs on the Blogosphere, happen!   Thank you. :O) xxxxx


12 responses to “#FishyDishyCookery

  1. Absolutely Brill iant! lol come on you lot get your Skates on

  2. Brilliant cause have donated – urge everyone that can, to do the same. Support the RNLI and the madness that is brink of bedlam!

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  4. brilliant off to donatex

  5. Couldn’t help but read this after the RNLI posted the link on FB as coincidentally I saw something on slob tv last night (you know the stuff you watch when no one is around to see you do it) about dishwasher testing and one of the things that got a mention was that you could use it to cook salmon fillets!

    • You see, it’s not quite as mad as it sounds! It’s just a straightforward case of heating it up and steaming it. Should be fine! Thanks for visiting the Brink of Bedlam blog, pls do come again! I do normal blogs too, honest, lol! :O)

  6. I love the idea of a crazy cooking challenge and I love that you are supporting the RNLI, but would it not be a good idea, in the context of the recent Fish Fight campaign, to not use one of the “big five” fish for your cooking? Maybe a sea trout would be a good alternative.

    • I was thinking a Rainbow Trout might be a good idea? I have to confirm later today which fish to go for, but this sounds like a good alternative to me? I understand completely what you’re saying, considering the recent campaign.

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