2.51am Tuesday Morning.

2.51am Tuesday Morning.

Wondering when this sleeplessness malarkey is going to actually end.  Last night I finally retired to bed at about 11pm.  Initially I tried sleeping on the spare bed in Darlek’s room as Horace’s snoring has become pretty unbearable.  The bed isn’t very comfy and I really prefer my own bed so I ended up back upstairs after a bit, thought I’d sleep there until Horace came up to bed and the snoring started.  Just as I dropped off to sleep, Sausage ambled into the room, plonked himself in our bed, wriggled about and punched me in the eye.  Blinking and a bit annoyed at being woken up I tried to sleep again – to be woken by Horace coming up to bed.  Cue snoring and being unable to move because of Sausage sleeping on one side, and Horace on the other – can’t reach pillow to sandwich over my ears to drown out the snorting, whistling, growling, sleeping Horace, or to move because of sprawled out Sausage.

So staring at the back of my eyelids whilst feeling really aggravated was all I could do.  I lay there, inwardly cursing. Next stage of early morning: Sausage begins squirming about and complaining of tummy ache, projectile vomits all over me and the bed and himself. So the clean up begins and Sausage is ushered back into his own bed, my side of the bed is not an option now.  Mind you, couldn’t have slept in it anyway with the snoring being as it is. Looks like it’s the uncomfortable spare bed again for me.

Also early morning insommnia and stupid thoughts to deal with now.  Whilst chatting on Twitter last night I did a stupid thing.  I agreed to cook salmon in our dishwasher.  Yes, you did read that correctly.  It was after a very silly discussion that simply got out of hand and I found myself randomly googling to find out if it was actually possible – and apparently it is. And then, in a desperate attempt to gain more blog followers I said I’d only do it if I got more subscribers who actually wanted to read about the whole daft process – and they did – so now I have to.  It should be funny, it should make for a good blog – I just wonder what my world is coming to when I’m agreeing to cook fish in my dishwasher.  Maybe if  I had more sleep I wouldn’t be so ridiculous.


6 responses to “2.51am Tuesday Morning.

  1. here dishy fishy lol would you like fries with that sir??

  2. Ear plugs! The only way I’ve survived 22yrs with the big hairy northern one and I can still hear the kids. Mine are blue (not the yellow sponges), and you can get them in boots.

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  4. I sleep next to a snoring, whistling creature too, drives me mad! x

  5. I hold my husbands nose when he’s snoring, so he breathes through his mouth and stops snoring (I read it somewhere). It generally works, well, either that or he wakes up, apologizes for keeping me awake and changes his position.

    He has been so loud on occasions that he has woken himself up!!

    I’ve expressly informed him, that no, I do not snore. How could I? I hardly sleep. Though he insists otherwise. (I know he’s talking nonsense though, because I have NEVER woken up with his fingers attached to my nose.)

    Good luck with your salmon cooking!

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