Lugging Ladders

Lugging Ladders

After my accidental double snowdrop post and my sanipro review, I thought it was about time I returned to the usual ramblings.

So hello again mihearties!  Today has been quite uneventful, apart from that I carried a very heavy ladder for a long distance over fields which was a little bit out of the norm for me.  It was a one off experience that I hope I don’t have to repeat, my shoulder still hurts.  We took Darlek to a birthday party, and went shopping for food.  Exciting stuff innit!

The phone rang this morning and my sister asked if I would mind helping her transport a ladder from her old house (just around the corner from me) to her new house (about 25 minutes walk away by road), and so I agreed.  This is not because I’m particularly helpful, it was mostly because I’d been watching ‘Coast’ on the TV and the kids had been complaining bitterly.  The hassling for CBBC and CBeebies was relentless – I’d got to the point where I was thoroughly bored by endless pictures of seascapes, cliffs and seagulls, but it was the principle of the matter.  So after backing myself into a ‘Coast’ corner, I was quite happy to get out of the house and let Darlek and Sausage harass Horace for CBBC and CBeebies for  a while instead.

It was very strange going back to my sister’s old house.  Even though she moved away a couple of months ago, I’ve never been in there since – and it positively echoed with memories.  I found myself wandering around with a huge lump in my throat thinking…this is where I remember carrying my nephew for the first time and I thought I’d drop him because he was so tiny….this is where Darlek and Teasel (another made-up name) played in the sandpit digging for buried treasure pennies…and it went on and on.  Just thinking about it makes me feel all funny. Change is necessary, but it makes me feel unnerved.  Just as I get used to a settled life, it uproots itself and ambles off in a different direction entirely.  It’ll take me a while to get used to them not living there anymore.

Continuing on with the ambling off in a different direction theme, Sis and I hoiked the ladder onto our shoulders and staggered off down the road.  As we crossed the road, I imagined a speeding car rushing down the road towards us.  It happens in all the films doesn’t it, or maybe that’s just with huge panes of glass?  We carried on over the road, down the back streets, over a tiny bridge and onto the fields next to the railway line, with me muttering about numb shoulders and having to put it down all the time.  I’m such a wimp.

Here is a photo I took the other day that I think is quite nice, it’s of the spiky hedgerows that grow around the footpaths around here.  Probably rammed the ladder into one of these as I passed I reckon.  Very ungainly awkward things are ladders you know, would not recommend ladder carrying as a hobby at all.

Eventually after a lot of sliding about in mud and complaining we arrived at Sis’s house, and she offered me lunch in return for my laddering services.  I hadn’t realised how much energy I’d put into the carrying until I tried to pick my fork up, I felt like I could hardly lift it which was really odd.  Managed to soldier on though, and just about avoided licking the food off my plate like a cat. Was tempted to lick the plate afterwards, but that wasn’t cos I couldn’t lift my fork, it was because Sis is an expert fish pie maker and I didn’t want to waste any of it.

Returned home and got Darlek ready for her birthday party, got Sausage dressed – again!  My son is actually getting worse at potty training.  I leave him pantless in the hope that it’ll encourage him to go to the loo quicker, but have found that recently he just stands in the middle of the living room, wiggling his hips and weeing in a wiggyly wee pattern on the carpet.   Being pantless seems to encourage his artistic tendencies, but does nothing for his bladder training.

We climbed in the car, and did the usual ‘Will it start?  Won’t it start?’ routine – but thankfully it did and we got Darlek to her party.  On the way, Darlek and I went into Matalan to grab a birthday pressie and card while Horace entertained Sausage by letting him clamber around the front of the car pretending to drive, and by letting him stick his head out of the sunroof.

We got Darlek to her birthday party on time, and I jubilantly (just a tad sarcastic there) went shopping at Morries.  I hate shopping, there’s only so many packets of pasta I can look at before I want to burst into tears.  I just want to buy ‘some tomatoes’ and I end up staring vacantly at tomatoes on the vine, tomatoes off the vine, beef tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, etc etc.  I’m not very good at making decisions and shopping just exacerbates the problem (ooh, get me and my wordy words!).  After a while I just want to run and escape out the rotating door, spilling cherry tomatoes and random packets of pasta in my wake – can’t do that though, Horace wouldn’t like it – so I grin and bear it.  We came, we shopped, we left.

We were a little early to pick up Darlek from Giddy Kippers (Wacky Warehouse stylee place) so we sat in the car park eating mini-pork pies and drinking orange from the carton for 25 mins, which was actually really cosy.  Slightly dark outside, rainy – nice and warm inside the car.  Darlek loved the party and excitedly chattered about the Scooby Doo cake, and how she’d been chasing the birthday boy around, and also about how some other kids had been ‘pushing her around’.  Horace said that he’d seen her playing and that she’d given as good as she got, so she eventually gave up trying to look hard done to and ate her cake in the back of the car after sharing some with her envious brother.  She had a fabulous time and was completely hyped on sweets and cake.

We got home and poor Darlek actually felt a bit poorly, I think she worries that if she has too many sweets she’ll make herself ill, so it becomes a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy, so we had pizza, garlic bread and salad and she sat with a bowl beside her.  Thankfully she was fine.  She’s such a hyperchondriac (dunno where she gets it from!  ;O)

So the day ends!  We’ve had a nice uneventful weekend overall, and I just wish Horace didn’t have to go back to work.  I really  miss the company and the adult conversation.  I do talk to the cat, and he genuinely looks like he understands, but I think it’s just a ruse to get me to feed him more pouches.  Maybe being a stay at home mum and working from home isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

**By the way, if this seems a particularly dull update, it’s because I typed this all up and then WordPress – in its mighty wisdom – decided to ask me for my username and password and then randomly deleted half of what I’d written.  So this has taken me bl**dy ages and I got a bit bored half way.  Don’t blame me if you’ve been propping your eyes open with matchsticks, or thinking about that nice patch of painted wall you could be watching dry – blame WordPress, not me!  (You wouldn’t have wanted to hear the swearing when it did that you know, was sooooo annoyed!!)**


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