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Feminine Wear

Mimi’s Dreams Reusable Pads

Before I start, if you’re a man reading this, it may not be your kind of review.  Say no more!

This is a review of the best product I have ever been asked to review whilst blogging, and I say that without a shadow of a doubt. Anyone who knows me, will know I am very keen on re-usable nappies for babies and toddlers, and this is really just an extension of that.  Disposable nappies are almost certainly damaging to the environment and disposable sanitary products are similarly so.  In no way am I lecturing anyone here, I’m aware that this is a personal choice and I’m not immune to using the occassional disposable nappy either by the way.

In the past I’ve heard of people using re-usable products whilst on their period, and although I’ve been curious, I have to admit I’ve wondered if this is possibly a territory best left to die-hard, dedicated hippies.  As I’m only a part-time hippy, I wasn’t sure if they’d suit me.  They initially appear a little pricey, although if you consider how much disposable pads cost each and every month, they work out as very good value; and the starter packs are well worth investing in if you’re just dabbling with the idea of re-usable pads, but don’t want to spend a fortune.  Click here if you’d like to have a look at the range on offer: Starter Packs

This particular design of pad is made of a top layer of rainbow coloured cotton flannel, two inner layers of thick cotton fleece, and it is backed with orange polyester fleece.  There are a myriad of other cute / stylish designs if you have a look at the Feminine Wear online shop.  They secure with press studs which clip the pads onto your underwear, so they already have ‘wings’ for extra protection and security, they even have two settings so they’ll fit whatever you’re wearing.  I found the press studs to be really effective, if you put them on and they seem to be slightly too far forward or towards the back, you can simply adjust them.

These pads came in a very eyecatching rainbow coloured bag with handy drawstring too, which was a nice touch – although I have to say I think it would have been even better if the Starter Pack had come with a matching smaller waterproof bag I could carry in my handbag in case I needed to change a pad whilst out and about.  They did fold up beautifully though, and clipped together with the press studs, so they looked like little padded rainbow envelopes – very cute!  And I never thought I’d see the day when I called a re-usable sanitary pad ‘cute’.  But they are!   My only other point is that they didn’t come with any washing instructions, which is something that might have been helpful.  I simply washed them in the exact same way I wash re-usable nappies.  That means basically throwing them in a 40 degree wash with some anti-bacterial powder (I use Nappysan) and my normal washing liquid.  I have only used these pads for one period cycle, but there is no staining whatsoever so far.  After washing, they quite literally look good as new.

They are incredibly comfortable too, the fleece lining is soft and much preferable to disposable pads.  In fact I shan’t be using my old brand of pads anymore, as I am a complete and utter convert to these.  What amazed me was that they didn’t seem to leak either, and I wasn’t using a tampon, so they weren’t just there as back up.  Having said that I don’t suffer from particularly heavy periods, but I suspect they would cope equally well with heavy periods, although they might need changing more often.  I changed these pads about as often as I’d change my usual disposable brand.  They come in various different sizes so you can choose the one appropriate to your flow, the one shown here is for overnight use or for a heavy flow.  The others are of a more traditional pad shape.

I cannot recommend these highly enough and would love it if people took this recommendation as a prompt to try something different, something out of the norm, something environmentally friendly and apart from anything else, a brilliant product.  They are comfy, fabulous value, eye-catching, practical and a very worthwhile purchase.

If you’d like to read about Mooncups which are another product Feminine Wear supplies, please do click here to visit White Lily Green’s fabulous and beautifully presented blog (I have blog envy, can you tell…. ;O)

Please note: The Mimi’s Dreams Re-usable Pads in this review were supplied free of charge by Feminine Wear for review purposes. However the views expressed are my own honest opinions. No financial reward has been given.


7 responses to “Feminine Wear – Mimi’s Dreams Starter Pack – Reusable Pads

  1. Well, another fabulous review for Feminine Wear – I read WhiteLilyGreen’s Mooncup review the other day. They sound like a really helpful and knowledgeable company.

    I was tempted by the Mooncup, but if I’m honest, I think I’m still a bit squeamish about it!

    The reusable pads sound like a great introduction to resusable products though – much more familiar that trying a totally new concept. The starter packs look good value too.

    Thank you for taking the time to explain this (delicate!) subject. It’s great to see bloggers talking about it, for people like me who have often wondered, but never known who/where to ask! x

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  3. I would never have thought about a product like this, but do you know what, i actually do like the idea. I hate pads with a vengeance. They never stay put. They never catch all of the flow. So, you know what, tell those kind people at Feminine Wear to send mine some way and i’d be prepared to try them out ;<)


  4. I’ve had a Mooncup for a couple of years and I wouldn’t swap it for a gold pig – can’t believe I ever managed without it. Some people find the idea of reusable products like this a bit ‘icky’ but I find it to be the exact opposite. Add to that all the money I’ve saved (from not having to fork out for tampons every month) since buying my Mooncup and it’s just about the perfect product. I never liked pads but I imagine if anyone is put off by the Mooncup but likes the basic idea, these would be great. Products like this deserves much more publicity.

  5. Wow, what a fantastic and honest review. I love the down to earth way that you blog, it’s like chatting to a friend 🙂
    Thank you so much for reviewing the Mimi’s Dreams Starter pack. You had the last one and I must order some more. There are plenty of Mimi’s Dreams http://www.femininewear.co.uk/mimis-dreams-m-46.html but the starter packs sold out in the run up to Christmas.
    Thanks for doing this, I am all a glow now 🙂

  6. Marvelous, thank you so much for doing this review, i had no idea products like this were available, i’ve been having such trouble every month, can’t wear tampons and nappy’s give me infections. TMI sorry.
    I’ve placed my first order!
    Thanks again x

  7. I’m really glad you’ve found this review helpful cherrymumof6, I think they’re fabulous products. In fact, I’ve put my money where my mouth is and have bought another pad, a mooncup with a bag to put it in (see White Lily Green’s link) and some Sea Pearl Tampons. This reviewing mallarkey is an expensive job, lol! :O)

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