Take a Seat & Enjoy the View

Take a Seat and Enjoy the View

If I sit and blog or tweet or  Facebook  (is that a verb now?)  Horace will sulk at me and threaten to cut my internet connection off so this is a very quick post.  Please do double click on the images, you get a far better view that way.

A word of warning, you might want to sit on your coat or something, in case you get a cold bum.  Here is the view from the seat shown above.  Over the years I’ve seen this view many, many times but it always looks different to me in one way or another.  Sunny days bring out the bright green lush grass and blue skies; rainy days bring dramatic grey / black clouds scudding along the top of the hills and the horizon often blurs with mist.  The sunsets are stunning from here too, streaks of peach clouds and slants of golden evening sunshine – perfect.  I love this spot and I thought I’d share it with you lot.  Although I enjoy rambling on about household dramas, one of my real passions in life is nature, animals and plants and birds and the great outdoors.  It is my calm when the running around in circles gets all too much for me.

Yesterday it was very frosty on the way to school, it made my fingers tingle and the end of my nose go numb – but it was beautiful.  I love the way frost seems to fuzzy the outlines of everything.  The barbed wire looked amazing.  Very pretty, well, as pretty as barbed wire can be.  In all truth, it made it look slightly fluffy, and the light outlined it so that it looked like it was almost glowing.   I’ve only used my phone to take these pics so if I make the image any bigger on this page, it loses all the clarity, apologies.  If you double click on these images it shows them in more detail though.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this view even a smidgen as much as I do, and that you haven’t got too chilly sat there.  If you’d like to look a while longer I’ve bought a flask of coffee – (Kay carefully pours a mugful and passes it over)


4 responses to “Take a Seat & Enjoy the View

  1. Wow, what a beautiful view. You are so lucky. If I were you I’d never get anything done, I’d be forever gazing at the view. x

  2. I don’t ever get anything done, bench or no bench, lol! :O)

  3. bluesky10@gmail.com

    I love your view, it’s pretty, colourful and somehow, essentially British. Enjoying the brew.



  4. Thanks for reading Frankie! Glad you’re enjoying the cuppa :O) x

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